Airport in Japanese

If you're traveling by air in Japan, you need to know what to say at the airport in Japanese. The Rocket Japanese team is here to help!

Not sure how much luggage you can take? Wondering how long you’ll stop over? Need to ask what time you should be at the gate? We’ve got it covered. Stick with us and you’ll be sure to get on the plane safely and on time - in Japanese!

Let's get started on the airport in Japanese!

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How to say Airport in Japanese

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Important airport words

Here are some important words you will need to use at the airport:


いり ぐち 

Iri guchi



で ぐち

De guchi



しゅっぱつ ロビー

Shuppatsu robī

Departure hall


とうちゃく ロビー

Tōchaku robī

Arrival hall


にゅうこく しんさ

Nyūkoku shinsa


Airplane landing at a Japanese airport

Japanese airport phrases

Now, here are the important questions that you will need when checking in at the counter (“chekku in kya un tā”). Listen to each word and its English translation and repeat the words aloud.


とうじょうぐち には いつ ごろ いくべき でしょうか

Tōjōguchi niwa itsu goro ikubeki deshōka ?

When do I have to be at the gate?


ひこう じかん は なんじかん ですか

Hikō jikan wa nanjikan desuka?

How long is the flight?


ストップ オーバー は なんじかん ですか

Suttopu ōbā wa nanjikan desuka?

How long is the stop over?


あたたかい きないしょく は でますか

Atatakai kinaishoku wa demasuka?

Will you serve a hot meal?


ひこうき は こんで いますか

Hikōki wa konde imasuka?

Is the flight very busy?


ビザ は ひつよう ですか

Biza wa hitsuyō desuka?

Do I need a visa?


ビザ の ゆうこう きげん は いつ ですか

Biza no yūkō kigen wa itsu desuka?

How long is the visa valid for?


にもつ の こすう の せいげん は なん ですか

Nimotsu no kosū no seigen wa nan desuka?

How many pieces of luggage can I take?

Airport luggage

Some people prefer window seats, some want to sit close to the aisle. I always ask for a window seat, that way I can get a first impression of the city we are going to land in, from above. Whichever one you prefer, here are the Japanese words for it…


まど がわ の せき

Mado gawa no seki

Window seat


つうろ がわ の せき

Tsūro gawa no seki

Aisle seat


まど がわ の せき を おねがいします

Mado gawa no seki o onegaishimasu.

I would like to have a window seat, please.


つうろ がわ の せき を おねがいします

Tsūro gawa no seki o onegaishimasu.

I would like to have an aisle seat, please

Here are some possible answers you might get…


ごしゅっぱつ じこく の じゅうご ふん まえ までに とうじょう ぐち に いって ください

Goshuppatsu jikoku no jūgo fun mae madeni tōjō guchi ni itte kudasai.

You have to be at the gate 15 minutes prior to departure.


もうしわけ ございませんが、 まど がわ の せき は すべて ふさがって います

Mōshiwake gozaimasenga, mado gawa no seki wa subete fusagatte imasu.

Unfortunately, we don't have any window seats left.


ビザ は ひつよう ありません

Biza wa hitsuyō arimasen.

You won't need a visa.


きない しょく は けいしょく と ゆうしょく が でます

Kinai shoku wa kēshoku to yūshoku ga demasu.

We'll serve a snack and dinner.


きない もちこみ てにもつ は ひとつ まで です

Kinai mochikomi tenimotsu wa hitotsu made desu.

You can only take one piece of hand luggage.


すみません が、 あなた の にもつ は じゅうりょう オーバー です

Sumimasen ga, anata no nimotsu wa jūryō ōbā desu.

Your luggage is too heavy.

You have just finished today’s lesson. I hope you enjoyed it.

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