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When in Korean

How do you ask "When" in Korean? If you're traveling to Korea, then being able to ask questions like "when does the bus leave?" will be very useful for you. After this free lesson, you'll know how to get the answers you need! Listen to the pronunciation and practice saying these Korean questions aloud. You'll never have an excuse to be late again!

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Pronouncing when in Korean...

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박물관이 언제 여나요?

Bakmulgwani eonje yeonayo?

When is the museum open?

박물관 휴관일이 언제인가요?

Bakmulgwan hyugwaniri eonje-ingayo?

When is the museum closed?

슈퍼마켓이 언제 여나요?

Syupeomakeshi eonje yeonayo?

When is the supermarket open?

약국이 언제 여나요?

Yakgugi eonje yeonayo?

When is the pharmacy open?

버스가 언제 출발하나요?

Beoseuga eonje chulbal-hanayo?

When does the bus leave?

기차가 언제 출발하나요?

Gichaga eonje chulbal-hanayo?

When does the train leave?

비행기가 언제 출발하나요?

Bihaenggiga eonje chulbal-hanayo?

When does the flight leave?

버스가 언제 도착하나요?

Beoseuga eonje dochakhanayo?

When does the bus arrive?

기차가 언제 도착하나요?

Gichaga eonje dochakhanayo?

When does the train arrive?

비행기가 언제 도착하나요?

Bihaenggiga eonje dochakhanayo?

When does the flight arrive?

우리는 언제 도착하나요?

Urineun eonje dochakhanayo?

When do we stop?

쉬는 시간이 언제에요?

Shineun shigani eonje-eyo?

When do we have a break?

영화는 언제 시작해요?

Yeonghwaneun eonje shijakhaeyo?

When does the movie start?

연극은 언제 시작해요?

Yeon-geug-eun eonje shijakhaeyo?

When does the play start?

여행자 정보센터가 어디에요?

Yeohaengja jeongbosenteoga eodieyo?

Where can I find the tourist information center?



The museum?



The art exhibition?



The lost property office?



The train station?

버스 정류장?

Beoseu jeongryujang?

The bus stop?



The hospital?

의사 선생님?

Euisa seonsaengnim?

A doctor?

공중 화장실?

Gongjung hwajangshil?

Public restrooms?



The bank?

어디에서 돈을 바꿀 수 있을까요?

Eodieseo don-eul bakkul su isseulkkayo?

Where can (I) exchange money?

환전소가 어디에요?

Hwanjeonsoga eodieyo?

Where can I find a money exchange counter?

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