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Time Words in Korean

This free lesson is all about time words in Korean. By listening to the audio, and practicing the Korean words and phrases aloud, you’ll quickly learn how to ask for the time and tell others what time it is.

By the end of this lesson you’ll be able to set up a meeting, appointment, or date in Korean!

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Pronunciation of time words in Korean

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몇 시 에요?

Myeot shi eyo?

What time is it?

지금 몇 시 인지 아십니까?

Ji geum myeot shi in ji ashimnikka?

Do you have the time? (Formal)

시계 있어?

Shi gye isseo?

Do you have a watch? (informal)

예, 물론이죠.

ye, mullon ijyo.

Yes of course.

여덟 시에요.

Yeodeol shieyo.

It is 8 o'clock.

아홉 시 삼십분이에요.

Ahop shi samshib-bunieyo.

It is 9:30.

열시 십오분이에요.

yeolshi shib obun i-eyo.

It's 10:15 (or quarter past ten).

열두시 사십 오분이에요.

yeoldushi sashib obun i-eyo.

It is 12:45 (quarter to one).

아니요. 죄송합니다.

Aniyo. Jwoesonghamnida.

No, sorry.

약속을 하셨나요?

yagsogeul hasyeotnayo?

Do you have an appointment?

언제로 예약 잡아 드릴까요?

Eonje-ro yeyag jaba deurilkkayo?

When do you want to have an appointment with the doctor?

언제 뵐 수 있을까요?

Eonje bwoel su iss-eulkkayo?

When do you want to meet? (formal)

언제 만날 수 있어요?

Eonje mannal su isseoyo?

When do you want to meet? (informal)

우리 언제 다시 만날 수 있나요?

Uri eonje dashi mannal su issnayo?

When are we meeting again?


son-mog shigye



byeog shigye

wall clock



An appointment



A meeting



A date



To be on time

늦은 시간에

neujeun sigan-e

To be late

That's it for this lesson.

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Anyoung hee gaseyo!

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