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Hello theeere (:)
I'm a 22 years old student from Genève Nice to meet you! ~ Such a good experience with your korean learning method ! It, so far and for me, has had everything I would wish I had in a school for foreign languages learners. Plus I can do everything how I want! This is awesome. And you even have put a "reset" button in the "Hear it, Say it; Write it; Know it!" section. It's awesome! So that when a nice refresh in something is needed, there isn't problems of any sort allowing ourselves that "refresh". And so many other details of that kind, that are just so very important, are present as well. You know, as a Swiss person, I am very aware of quality and detail. We're very much like the Japanese people for that! We're very exigent for many, many many things. First of all our own selves, of course (;)! That's also why I appreciate your method so much; I'm not afraid of lacking things I would find important or anything in that sense, because everything is in here! Also; when one could get the feeling not to be efficient enough for her/his expectations considering her/his-self, there are no external reasons at all feeling ashamed about what other people could say about us. You have almost if not everything one could need, and nobody is here to judge. I'm very pleased I bought that Premium even considering the fact that it was almost a year ago already, and that I never ever used it advisedly until now on. I mean, I know I've just started a few hours ago haha but I mean it . Oh!? Oh my Goodness! I just noticed that it's a lifetime access we're buying! Wow! I thought it was just for one year! Haha And you even have the CDs!? AND both a Premium and that Premium Plus line even as well! That's super valuable at such a price! Wow. I'm so pleased and feel I have everything I could wish for Rocket Languages I think you're AWESOME! THANK YOU SO MUCH Cheers Loïc Laccomoff-Faes