Paul Santos

Rocket Japanese Manila , Philippines

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While I've already finished 4 semesters of Japanese class which ended me on the intermediate level, I found this site and was intrigued on the amount of content and materials they are selling. At first, I doubt myself if I will find it not worth it to try the materials starting from the basics... But after finishing a module, I found myself again refreshed and learned something new especially on the conversation and grammar side.
It's a new experience which adds as a reinforcement to my current Japanese knowledge. The interactive audio which takes an average of 20 - 30 minutes is kinda nice to listen to. They are very detailed and yet explained clearly. Other things like the quiz and vocabulary identification is kinda nice too plus the culture notes which emphasizes on how you should act on different circumstances where the language is really native too. I'm happy to say that it's really worth it if you're either a beginner or already in intermediate level.