Jessica Hwang

Rocket French Paraíba , Brazil

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Rocket Languages is a really awesome site and app. As a "crazy for languages" myself, Rocket Languages has helped me with the perfect lessons in all levels necessary. I used the platform for pretty much everything and almost every language aviable. I've been studying French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.
This software teaches not only the language itself, but the culture as well, which is amazing and I really appreciate that. As in the past I would on "get into" a language study for no reason, causing me to give up quickly, but now there I've seen how incredible and interesting each country's culture is, I'm really motivated to continue in my process of learning and, in a close future, travel to each of these places. Well, since I work in International Assistance (helping foreigners in my city), Rocket Language was my best friend when they didn't know portuguese and I have to talk to them in their native languages. And the most important thing: the lessons are NOT boring at all. Their captured my attention, which is a difficult task by the way and is one of the reasons I gave up in many other language-learning websites, blogs, apps and even presential courses. Over all, Rocket Languages is the closest to perfect language platform I've ever found/used.