Rob Peters

Rocket German United States

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I've been using Rocket German for a week and have made it through the first module. Overall I am really happy with the purchase, especially since I was able to buy it on sale. I really like that I'm able to hear words, phrases, sentences and then record and compare my pronunciation to the speaker. However, I have noticed that there are times when the voice recognition marks me poorly despite my playback recording sounding exactly like the speaker. Fortunately those instances are not the norm. A lot of phrases are thrown at you at times without much explanation, perhaps this gets better the farther you move along in the course. But as an example there are two sentences with an English translation of "would like" with different German expressions and there's no context that explains why you would use one over the other. Fortunately we live in an internet age and I am able to supplement my Rocket German with other resources. So far I am really enjoying the course and definitely feel like I'm getting a lot out of it particularly with regards to pronunciation.