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Vitor Jacinto

Rocket Italian Brazil

Submitted: 3 years ago


Terrible experience with the Rocket Languages. I have been struggling to find a motivation to keep studying but the boring experience that the platform gives you doesn't lead you anywhere. It's just a bunch of "repeat" this, "repeat "that" that you will be closing the browser before finishing the audio lesson. Not only that, the lack of explanation that the teachers give you and makes you need to find other places to learn it's absurd. If I knew this experience would go on, I would have chosen Google Translator instead. If I could come back, I wouldn't buy.

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Vitor - Well, repetition is an integral part of language learning :) We try hard to keep our courses engaging and minimize the effort required through things liked spaced repetition to help with effective learning.

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Ian Corker

Rocket Spanish United Kingdom

Submitted: 3 years ago


This started well, but the App was changes and now the microphone does not give any time to respond. Despite repeated requests to rectify the problem, nothing has changed. I am now forced to request my money back as the product is NOT fit for purpose.

Spend less time on trying to sell you products and more time on making them work!

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Ian - There has been a new release of both the Android and iOS apps, so hopefully any issues you have had are now taken care of. If not, please contact customer support!

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Rocket French London , United Kingdom

Submitted: 3 years ago


Indeed it is a very good French Language program.
But, do really expect people to believe so called " discounts/Coupon Applied!! , Early Bird Discount, Save Hundreds!!" and pay all that money for a language program!!
If you had any respect to your potential students you would offer a real, genuine price!! NOT DANGLING CARROTS !!
From London

PS . This review is strictly about COST/PRICING POLICY and not quality and customer service

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi SS - We provide the most comprehensive language learning courses on the market, with well over 120 hours worth of tuition per level. In addition, it is a one-off cost for lifetime access, including any updates we make. So, if you are looking at language learning as a lifetime investment then we are very reasonably priced imho!

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Omer Deveci

Rocket English Cupertino , United States

Submitted: 3 years ago


Whoever may concern,
I am having a problem with your program, Rocket. It was working very well however, I couldn’t use the program it gives an error when I am trying to record my voice on given sentences. In addition, I couldn’t reach your customer service. Please, can you solve my problem as soon as possible or contact with me.

Best Regards,
Omer Deveci

Response from Rocket Languages: This was a bug on the latest release. It has now been fixed!

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bubill yang

Rocket Japanese china , China

Submitted: 3+ years ago


Rocket languages supply "Translation method" for learning 2nd Languages . It's the same as in the school. There worse has no photos to understand by view , no stroke order .
Too many lessons for beginners .

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Bubill - Did you see the Writing lessons? There are videos in each of those showing you how to draw different characters, with the correct stroke order!

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Omer Yavuz

Rocket English Ankara , Turkey

Submitted: 3+ years ago


Your application is not running on Android phone. Whenever I activated microphone, program stops. I tried to run iPhone but it needs iOS 10 later. I can not run on iPhone.
I tried to open on Android phone using Google Chrome. But I can not see repeat button and score buttons.
I tried to run on Macbook using chrome. I can see all elements play, microphone, score and customer voice repeat button.
But I can not replay my voice so I can not compare voices. Sometimes if score is 100% can record and replay my voice. Sometimes it can not record and produce performance result.
Your performance is too poor. Your system must analyse word by word. Your system must show word differences and can offer tools to advise pronunciation alternatives. Also I must listen my voice. Your system must record my voice.

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Omer - I am sorry to hear about the issues you are having. As phones change versions fairly quickly there can be issues with the apps working on older models. However, we try to cover off as many older versions as we can. I would recommend that you try Safari on your Macbook as we recently extended the voice recognition feature to work on that.

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Manal Abdel-hamid

Rocket French Egypt

Submitted: 3+ years ago


I have had a technical problem with Rocket French for over a month now. I cannot play the audio files of ALL interactive lessons, and that is on several different devices. The support team has not been able to fix it for me, and their response rate is too slow. I'm regretting having bought the product, because it is useless for me if I'm unable to use it. And it means that i threw my money on the drain. I now asked them to reimburse me for my money if they cannot fix their technical issues, and they haven't replied to me yet. As usual their response takes at least THREE days. I'm getting extremely mad, to be quite honest!

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Manal - This is an issue with Egypts internet connection being throttled by the powers that be. We have had similar issues with China in the past. Of course, if we can't get it working for you you will get a full refund.

2019 Update: We have managed to change how our server works to allow access and full functionality from within Egypt!

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Linda Francis

Rocket French Kingston upon Thames , United Kingdom

Submitted: 3+ years ago


Shame on you Rocket Languages!
There has been some improvement but your system still keeps freezing, not transmitting your words and not recording mine. The little bars that wiggle and show the microphone is live freeze, i.e. stop wiggling, on almost every attempt. My playback does once again contain many more words than you are recording. Why?
I have been trying to work through 11.1 at the Doctor’s and 11.2 Making a Complaint. If you were a person and not a robot you would understand the humour in that last one.
Is it because you are a robot that you never answer my questions? You just let some time go by then tell me it’s all fixed when it isn’t. This is not online help - it’s a farce.
I do believe that you have some marvellous learning material but you are completely let down by the technical side and your lackadaisical customer service. Once upon a time you had some good lessons that I could access. Now I believe I cannot learn anything and my French speaking is actually getting worse as a result of having to keep endlessly repeating myself and hurrying before you cut me off. Your system is all up the creek and you can’t fix it.

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Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Linda - I am sorry to hear about your frustrations. The recording and playback functions have been considerably improved. If you are still experiencing problems then please contact customer support again. We are endeavoring to provide meaningful resolutions within 2 working days. We will try to set up a Skype call to get to the bottom of your issues.

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Milla Relf

Rocket Korean Kiev , Ukraine

Submitted: 3+ years ago


The web site is complicated and not very user friendly. I've spent 5 min trying to figure out how do I start the lessons and where to begin the studying. It's stupid to spend so much effort on a web site to have people leave confused. Too complicated to begin with.

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Milla - There is a take a tour video on the Get Started page! Also, we are revamping the lesson interface to make it easier to understand. It is a little difficult when some courses have over 100 lessons!

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Sheila Lee

Rocket French Mount Pleasant Pa , United States

Submitted: 3+ years ago


I would never recommend this course to anyone and I bet they don't let this be printed but I will find someway of getting a true review out there- I have tried for 6 days to contact customer service- No one is ever there- its 5 15 pacific standard time and they are to be available and no one is available- I leave email for 6 days- and get 2 stupid emails back that say the very same thing- update chrome and I already have updated chrome. They will not call me ----

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Sheila - Sorry for the delayed response from customer support, we have tried contacting you a few times and it looks like we have managed to set up a time for a Skype call to look into your issues!