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2021 Edition


Rocket Japanese Australia

Submitted: 3 months ago


I hate the points and streaks function and you have provide no ability to swith off!

I am preferring the Pinsleur system far more.

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi G - Ha! That's because no-one has asked for it to be switched off before. We can add it to a list of suggestions to look at in the future.

Gerd Lorenz

Gerd Lorenz

Rocket Spanish Toronto , Canada

Submitted: 9 months ago


I have a Macbook pro OS Catalina 10.15.4, Firefox, AND NO I do NOT want to use Chrome, Level 1, Rocket Languages Lesson 5.9, Activity:Hear it - Say it = while clicking on the "Play" button I cannot hear what I am supposed to record. Even after recording something I cannot hear what I recorded. While at the same time the activity "Flash Cards" as well as the activity "Write It" and the activity "Know It" is working perfectly fine. Therefore it can only be a bug in your software at this point in the activity "Hear It - Say It”. After trying Chrome it did not work either.

There are obviously ongoing problems with the audio since 2019 as seen on other comments (now while I was doing the certification in Module 5) ) and no one seems to be able or willing to take car of these issues. I am extremely disappointed.

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Gerd, Lesson 5.9 has been fixed. With the new update some of the phraseboxes in that lesson stopped working as they should. Also, if you are using a Mac then we would recommend the Safari browser. Firefox does not support voice recognition. Firefox has said that it is coming but they have been saying that for 5 years!

Scott Wooldridge

Scott Wooldridge

Rocket Spanish Oklahoma , United States

Submitted: 9 months ago


I paid for the Spanish course and received nothing

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Scott - It looks like you ordered with a different email address to the one you used to set up your account. Customer support have sorted it out and have emailed you.

Jess Chandler

Jess Chandler

Rocket Sign Language IN , United States

Submitted: 1 year ago


Just started using it. Trying to learn the alphabet and unfortunately the majority of the videos won't play. When I click on the play button either the screen goes all black or all white. Sent an email to get help and have yet to hear back from anyone.

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi there! Our Customer Service Team has contacted you to resolve this issue. Happy learning!