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Bernard Swartz

Bernard Swartz

Rocket French Yakima, WA , United States

Submitted: 2 years ago


I was very happy with the program until the new format. The functionality when using an iPad has significantly deteriorated. In particular, I am unhappy with now being unable to replay pronunciation in order to compare with the speaker. My voice recordings are frequently cut off in mid-phrase. Basically, the program is no longer user friendly for people owning iPads. I no longer will recommend this program to my friends. In fact I am traveling to Europe this summer with some friends and I have told them to find another program. We are going to brush up on different languages prior to traveling.

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Bernard - I am sorry to hear about the issues you have been having. We have updated the iOS app, so this sort of behavior shouldn't be happening now. Please contact customer support if you continue to have issues.

Elaine Taylor

Elaine Taylor

Rocket Spanish Mississauga

Submitted: 3+ years ago


I've been looking for an interactive program to teach me Spanish... and Rocket Languages fits the bill! It's easy to use, cheaper than the competition and fits my learning style. Can't ask for more!

Anga John
2021 Edition

Anga John

Rocket Sign Language Saint Kitts and Nevis

Submitted: 4 months ago


Customer service needs to be quick. Please make it at least 3 minutes, not 2 to 4 days. What's awesome is, logo is intelligent.

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Anga - We try and turn around our customer service emails within 2 working days. This is a better turnaround than a lot of sites and we are always trying to improve it!

Tyah Ginyard

Tyah Ginyard

Rocket Spanish GA , United States

Submitted: 5 months ago


The app has continuous glitches that the owners are not able to fix. The program is great, but the actual functionality is horrible.

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Tyah - Unfortunately there are so many different types of phone, screen sizes, operating systems, etc that it can be hard to get apps working perfectly across the board. If you contact customer support we will try our best to trouble shoot your system.