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Rocket Hindi Reviews

How do you know that Rocket Hindi really works?

You ask people who have tried it already. Join us as Rocket Hindi learners share their experiences of learning with Rocket Hindi. This is 100% genuine unsolicited feedback from some of the thousands of happy learners who have benefited from Rocket Hindi's state-of-the-art components. I'm sure that you'll enjoy finding out how successfully Rocket Hindi has helped so many people learn Hindi!

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Michael Cretz

Rocket Hindi — Somerville, MA, United States
7 months ago

I was looking at various Hindi apps/books, but was having difficulty with teaching myself a language from scratch. I did the Rocket Hindi trial and started to finally feel like I was making progress with my learning... More

alina relitz

Rocket Hindi
5 years ago

I am really enjoying Rocket Hindi I bought it quite a while back and keep on getting distracted, I like how it never expires and how you always update it so there is always more to learn. I am impressed how much you work on the website and hope an apple app will come out soon! I love how you teach the devangari script but keep the English one as well it help especially for the starting! Editors note: The Apple app is out! More

Michael Stagemyer

Rocket Hindi
4 years ago

I am very happy with the course and feel that i am retaining a lot of words and pronunciation learned. I am certainly glad that the material is up-to-date and has native speakers of both sexes so you can not only hear how you need to say it but how others might respond. More

Chinthaka Pieris

Rocket Hindi — Sri Lanka
2 years ago

I am studying in India so I started learning Hindi to be able to communicate with the Indians. Earlier I was just talking with friends and learning bit by bit without a proper order. Rocket Hindi provides almost everything you need to know about Hindi in an orderly manner starting from the basics and going on to advanced grammar... More

Sam Burns

Rocket Hindi — United Kingdom
1 year ago

It's a little simplistic at times - I like to delve further into grammar to understand why a phrase is as it is rather than just learning it by rote - but the practice has definitely made a difference to my understanding and it's good to have some structure to my learning , living in an area where I can't access any physical classes... More

Tony Collier

Rocket Hindi
4 years ago

So far so good :-) Working at my own pace through the Introduction and am starting to get an 'ear' for Hindi. The Rocket Record function is great to help you get the intonation right. One thing I'm figuring out is how to say things naturally instead of like a robot so I'm playing around and experimenting with what I'm learning. More

Lalita Daasi

Rocket Hindi — New Zealand
7 months ago

I am enjoying learning Hindi from my own home, the app is great. The interactive speaking component is fantastic, I am enjoying working on getting my pronunciation right! I like the points and badges they are good motivators. More

Marie Aalen

Rocket Hindi — Oslo
5 years ago

It is a very good web site if you have learned some grammar before. The grammar explanations will not we good enough for a beginner, but for someone who wants to repeat and strengthen her oral knowledge is is great... More

Chandrasekaran Maharajan

Rocket Hindi — Chennai, Tamilnadu
4 years ago

This really is a useful tool to learn Hindi. I am very happy with the method of teaching and I have learnt quite bit of Hindi in a short time. I will not hesitate to recommend Rocket Hindi to my friends. More

jeny montes

Rocket Hindi
4 years ago

it really helps me learn hindi unlike other website I payed................................................................................................................................................ More

David Potts

Rocket Hindi — United States
4 years ago

I chose to try the Rocket Language course (Hindi) because of its lower price in comparison to its competitors and the good reviews that it has received. However, I have had many frustrations in using the course... More

Preethi Venkatesan

Rocket Hindi — Salmiya, Kuwait
2 years ago

I tried the Hindi language trial package and found very helpful. Hence decided to buy the material. Hope to make some good progress and learn Hindi as soon as possible. Currently Rocket Hindi offers only Level 1 premium version... More

Alma Schonken

Rocket Hindi — Australia
1 year ago

I first tried Rocket Hindi 3 years ago and I was hooked after the first trial. It's my honest opinion that this software is a massive helper to all types of learners. I am far from a language buff and despite this Rocket has managed to lay down a rock solid foundation for this third language in my head... More

Danielle  Bauer

Rocket Hindi — Blanchester ohio
4 years ago

So far I love it! I have tried rosetta stone, pimsleur, living languages etc. the rocket languages program is the best by far. I love that it has listening to native speakers and also writing and lots of quizzes... More

samu  k

Rocket Hindi — chennai
4 years ago

Good to start as a beginner but can provide more sample lessons basic free and can make other advanced lessons like essay writing poetry as chargeable. Good that hindi is given in readable form of english... More

Chalapathi nandiwada

Rocket Hindi — telangana, India
7 months ago

it is OK with rocket Hindi langue. But it is limited . i.e., There are explaining some basics with good understanding. we will learn all the basic words, but if we stick to those words, we can manage Hindi, but we cant speak Hindi like native speaker... More

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