Describe People in Russian

This online audio lesson will teach you how to describe people in Russian. With these adjectives on hand you'll be able to talk about a person’s appearance in Russian and the kind of person they are as well. This will really spice up your Russian conversation skills!

Let's check out this lesson on how to describe people in Russian.

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How to describe people in Russian

First, let's describe people's hairstyles:

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У Ивана короткие волосы.

Oo Ivana karotkii volasy

Ivan has short hair.

У Маши длинные волосы.

Oo Mashi dlinyi volasy

Masha has long hair.

У неë волосы средней длины.

Oo niyo volasy srednii dliny

She has medium-length hair.

У него прямые волосы.

Oo nivo primyi volasy

He has straight hair.

У неë волнистые волосы.

Oo niyo valnistyi volasy

She has wavy hair.

У Анны кудрявые волосы.

Oo Anny kudryavyi volasy

Anna has curly hair.

У Ирины каштановые волосы.

Oo Ireeny kashtanavyi volasy

Irina has brown hair.

У Сергея тëмные волосы.

Oo Sirgeia tyomnyi volasy

Sergei has dark hair.

У Оли светлые волосы.

Oo Oli svetlyi volasy

Oli has fair hair.

У Розы рыжие волосы.

Oo Rozy ryzhyi volasy

Rosa has red hair.

What about eye and skin color?

У него карие глаза.

Oo nivo karii glaza

He has brown eyes.

У неë зелëные глаза.

Oo niyo zilyonyi glaza

She has green eyes.

У него голубые глаза.

Oo nivo galubyi glaza

He has blue eyes.

У неë тëмная кожа.

Oo niyo tyomnaia kozha

She is dark-skinned.

У него светлая кожа.

Oo nivo svetlaia kozha

He is fair-skinned.

What about other features, like height and weight?

Она невысокая.

Ana nivysokaia

She is short.

Он высокий.

On vysokii

He is tall.

Она худая.

Ana hudaia

She is thin.

Он толстый.

On tolstyi

He is fat.

Он худой.

On hudoi

He is skinny.

What about other abilities and features?

Она шустрая.

Ana shustraia

She is fast.

Он неторопливый.

On nitarapleevyi

He is slow.

Она сильная.

Ana sil’naia

She is strong.

Она слабая.

Ana slabaia

She is weak.

Она красивая.

Ana kraseevaia

She is pretty.

Он красивый.

On kraseevyi

He is handsome.

Она некрасивая.

Ana nikraseevaia

She is ugly.

What about personality?

Она приветливая.

Ana privetlivaia

She is friendly.

Он симпатичный.

On simpateechnyi

He is nice.

Она спокойная.

Ana spakoinaia

She is quiet.

Она стеснительная.

Ana stisneetilnaia

She is shy.

Он весëлый.

On visyolyi

He is humorous.

Она умная.

Ana oomnaia

She is intelligent.

Он терпеливый.

On tirpileevyi

He is patient.

Она ленивая.

Ana lineevaia

She is lazy.

Он грубый.

On groobyi

He is bad-mannered.

Он серьëзный.

On sir'yoznyi

He is serious.

Он добрый.

On dobryi

He is kind.

Она трудолюбивая.

Ana trudaliubeevaia

She is hard-working.

Она смелая.

Ana smelaia

She is brave.

Он смешной.

On smishnoi

He is funny.

Она бедная.

Ana bednaia

She is poor.

Она богатая.

Ana bagataia

She is rich.

That’s it for today’s lesson. With all these descriptions you should be able to describe just about anyone!

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