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Goodbye in Russian

How many ways can you say "goodbye" in Russian? After this lesson you’ll know more than just a simple Пока​!

Listen to the audio and follow the pronunciation. And don't be shy - go ahead and practice each Russian word aloud!

Let's get started on this free lesson on goodbye in Russian!

Pronouncing Goodbye in Russian

The most common way of saying goodbye is До свидания! (da svidania).

До свидания

Da svidania


There are also some casual farewells. Let’s listen to some of them…




До скорого

Da skorava

See you soon

Увидимся позже

Uveedimsa pozhe

See you later

Хорошего дня

Harosheva dnya

Have a good day

Всего хорошего!

fsivo haroshiva

All the best!

When saying good-bye to your friends you might want to wish them to have a nice journey as well:

Счастливого пути!

shchisleevava putee

Have a nice journey!

You might hear men casually using the word Давай! (davai) which can be translated as "Ok, take care".



Ok, take care!

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До скорого! (da skorava)


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