Spanish Adjectives

This series of lessons is all about Spanish adjectives. Adjectives are great for making your conversations more descriptive. You will be a master of Spanish adjectives after these lessons!

Get started with Spanish Descriptive Adjectives

One of the biggest differences between English and Spanish adjectives is the order of the adjectives and nouns. Descriptive words always come after the noun they describe, such as gato gordo, “fat cat”. Find out more with this introduction to Spanish descriptive adjectives.

Understand Spanish Demonstrative Adjectives

When you want to point to something, you often use demonstrative adjectives or pronouns. English only has two options--this for something close to you, and that for something farther away--however, there are 3 Spanish demonstrative adjectives: this, that, and that over there. The third option implies an even greater distance. Find out more in this lesson.

Master the Spanish Possessive Adjectives

These types of adjectives are used to express possession or ownership. Spanish possessive adjectives will not reflect the gender or quantity of the person or persons owning a thing; rather, they’ll reflect the gender and quantity of the thing being owned. Learn more in this lesson.


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