The Award Winning System That Gets You Speaking Spanish & Loving Spanish Culture

(And the best thing is – it only takes minutes a day)

Mastering Spanish can seem like an impossible dream, right?

  • Well, it doesn’t matter if you’ve slumped into your chair with disappointment and frustration after having tried and failed to learn Spanish in the past... (In fact, the worse your previous attempts at learning Spanish have been, the more excited I am that you are here...)

  • Or if sometimes you feel like you are so busy that you don’t even have time to eat, let alone hablar español (to speak Spanish), because a few minutes a day is all it takes...

  • And don’t think you’re too old and that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, because being older can make language learning easier, and stimulating your mind can add years to your life...

  • Maybe you are tone deaf (like me!), well that doesn’t matter at all, because before you know it you will be ordering quesadillas and burritos like a native Spanish speaker...

Even if you believe that languages don’t stick in your brain, when in fact, with the right system, they can stick like krazy glue...


I’m Jason Oxenham, CEO and co-founder of Rocket Languages. Since 2004, our mission has been to let ordinary people truly master a new language anywhere they want to learn and at any time they wish to do it.

Today I want to invite you to join the 1,212,346 happy, successful, men and women from all 196 countries around the world, who’ve discovered how one amazing, award-winning, system will help them learn Spanish, when other systems have failed.

The very same system the illustrious PCMag selected as their Editors Choice for language learning, rating it above all the other well-known systems out there...

...and which also took out the prestigious 19th Annual Best Educational Software Award last year.

Jason Oxenham: Rocket Languages Co-founder and CEO

So, what’s the secret? How do some people master Spanish, while you’re going nowhere?

How is it that some people “get” Spanish easily and yet others, people like you and me, just get frustrated and lost? Well, I can tell you…

  • You can bet that they’re not wasting time sitting in a classroom getting a small fraction of the teachers’ time and attention...

  • They’re not trying to avoid the teachers gaze, hoping they won’t be singled out for embarrassment by having their poor pronunciation exposed in front of the whole class...

  • They’re not mindlessly parroting the same phrases over and over with their classmates while their Spanish teacher stalks the room...

  • And they are definitely not plowing through old school workbooks and grammar texts, trying to work out what’s going on...

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what worked for you?

So, exactly how will Rocket Spanish help you master Spanish?

The scientific theory behind our courses is the "chunking" process or Miller's Law by Dr. George A. Miller, which is based on the fact that the number of objects an average human can hold in working memory is 7 ± 2. So, simply described, it is the breaking down of big difficult content into small easy parts or "chunks".

Now, while it’s important to have a strong scientific basis for a language learning system, it’s equally important for you to know what works in the real world, from people who have succeeded at mastering one or more languages.

We have spent over 10 years figuring out what works and what doesn’t, we have surveyed polyglots (people who speak multiple languages), researched people who overcame often severe learning difficulties to master a language, used advances in web technology, and much more…

All to develop a ground-breaking system that will get you speaking and understanding the language you've always loved, no matter how old you are, or what your current Spanish speaking ability is.

Discover how the 7 powerful language acquisition success strategies in Rocket Spanish will help you learn Spanish no matter what your background is...

7 Success Strategies


Success Strategy #1. Make the BEST possible use of your limited time...

You say that you don’t have time to learn Spanish?
Well, you may have more time than you may think! Many successful language learners use what appears to be downtime to keep building their knowledge, and you can too...

You can learn Spanish at your own pace and in your own time, without adding to your already busy schedule by having to attend Spanish classes!

That’s why a key component of Rocket Spanish, the Interactive Audio Course, is designed so you can learn Spanish:

  • during your commute to work,

  • while you are at the gym,

  • walking the dog,

  • doing the housework,

  • or anytime that you are on the go...

You can access Rocket Spanish from any computer, tablet or smartphone,

AND you can use the app that comes with every Rocket Spanish course.

Listen to and/or download a free Rocket Spanish introductory Interactive Audio Course track here.
(Note: this is just the audio, with the full Rocket Spanish course you get a full transcript of the conversation and all other Spanish words and phrases used in the audio track too)...

It consists of tons of audio lessons, with each track averaging over 25 minutes in length, that are designed to train your ear to Spanish and prompt you to speak and respond to your tutors, Mauricio and Amy.

Each audio track guides you through an everyday conversation that you are likely to have in Chile or when speaking to Spanish people.

Listen to the FULL Audio

Download the FULL Audio

File Size: 8 MB
Right click on "Download Audio" and choose "save link/target as" to save this lesson as a MP3 on your computer

A word of warning! If you are completely new to Spanish then this Spanish conversation may sound like complete gobbledygook in the beginning. That’s entirely normal, it may take several listens until you can break it down. So download it and use it!

Look what from has to say...

I'm very pleased with my decision to learn Spanish, and Rocket Languages has been the best language learning software I've used so far (I've also used Rosetta Stone & Pimsleur). !

William McGill— Miami, FL

3030 More Reviews

I have a 30 minute commute, and use Rocket Spanish every day. I had Spanish classes from 1-12 grades. I can say I've learned more in 1 year of Rocket Spanish, than I did in those 12 combined. I highly recommend this product.

Robby Springer— Saint Louis, United States

3030 More Reviews


Success Strategy #2. Understand EXACTLY how Spanish works...

A key fact that has been surprisingly often “overlooked” by some other “big name” companies is that you MUST know the mechanics of how Spanish works for you to truly master Spanish.

Spanish, like most languages, has a completely different sentence structure to English, which means that you need to have that structure explained to you, it’s not something that you can pick up by osmosis!

That’s why the Rocket Express Learning System® has in-depth, step by step instructions on how Spanish works in English, as well as valuable cultural tips with our Language and Culture lessons.

With Rocket Spanish’s Language & Culture lessons you will discover the mechanics of Spanish and access audio tracks of thousands of common Spanish words and phrases that go with the lessons.

I like that you are a lifetime member and can go back to previous lessons again and again. For a new learner, the repetition is critical. I also like that you get the learning in context of conversations but also get the explanations of grammar and translations into English so you know exactly what you're saying, unlike some competing courses.

Chris Venable— United States

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Success Strategy #3. REINFORCE what you learn so that it sticks... forever...

In most classroom settings the learning that you do is not very efficient, mainly because the pace of the learning is dictated by the teacher and the class size, not you...

And that’s not even considering the low amount of information that is retained. A study by German psychologist, Hermann Ebbinghaus, showed that within an hour most people have forgotten 50% of what they have learned and within 2 days it’s pretty much all gone...

So, it stands to reason that a major key to successfully learning Spanish is remembering as much as possible of what you have learnt. Particularly being able to remember it when you are under pressure to speak!

That's where the Rocket Reinforcement activities come in. Our scientifically designed algorithm re-displays words and phrases that you are weak on until they stick in your head like glue.

Each Rocket Spanish lesson has a variety of reinforcement activities, with each one designed to reinforce and enhance your recall in a different way;

What’s more this all ties into your own personalized progress tracking system, keeping you on the path to mastery!

Rocket Reinforcement

Hear it Say it! improves your understanding of spoken Spanish. Fantastic for training your ear to Spanish,

Write it! improves your ability to write/type in Spanish, and at the same time reinforces the words, phrases and sentence structures, so they become familiar to you...

Know it! All the training in the world won’t help you if someone is talking to you in Spanish and your mind freezes when it is your turn to speak! That’s why we developed Know it!; our tool for putting you on the spot!

Play it! With our latest learning tool, Play it! you are taking part in the actual conversation from the Interactive Audio Course. Don’t ever toss and turn worrying about opening your mouth and having the wrong words come out. Play it! trains you to say the right thing at the right time!

Quiz! Reinforce your knowledge of the Language lesson concepts with our multi-choice quiz

Mauricio! My name is Wayne Cramer my wife and I operate a "non profit organization" called Andean Aid that provides developmental opportunities to poor children in the Colombian border state of Táchira, Venezuela.

I would certainly recommend Rocket Spanish to others', in fact I'm doing that right now. This February I'm leading a team of twelve men to build basic block homes for women who are raising their children alone. Most of these men don't speak any Spanish and are asking me about Spanish learning programs.

I tell them to get Rocket Spanish, why?, because I use it and it's effective. I'm on a continuous quest to achieve fluency in Spanish so I've tried many products and self study programs. All of them have been boring or require a degree of discipline that I just can't manage. Your lessons are interesting and practical, they cover a variety of actual situations that I encounter each time I visit Venezuela, why you even teach me how to argue in Spanish, you just can't beat that. The commute in my car becomes a learning session, the computer games are much better than flashcards and the scoring appeals to those with a competitive nature.

I have many wonderful friends in Venezuela, until now our conversations have been superficial. I can't wait till my next trip to bring these relationships to a new level with my newly acquired skill in speaking Spanish. So if you are looking for a Spanish learning program, get Rocket Spanish. Quit looking and get learning! Thanks.

Wayne Cramer— Illinois, USA, United States

3030 More Reviews


Success Strategy #4. Practice SPEAKING and SOUNDING like a native...

One of the tricks that people who have mastered another language swear by is speaking out loud as often as you can. This activates key areas of your brain to further reinforce the new connections that are being made as you learn Spanish.

...Sound Like You ARE a Native Spanish Speaker With Rocket Record!

NOTE: Due to system requirements Rocket Record will work on Desktop PC, Android and iOS apps only.

The Rocket Express Learning System® has several features that prompt you to speak Spanish out loud. One of the most impressive and useful is Rocket Record...

You will gain the huge benefits of speaking out loud and also be able to improve your pronunciation and accent with our voice recognition tool, Rocket Record.

I went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. I knew what I thought was ‘a little Spanish’. When I got there and started interacting with the nationals, I realized I did not know enough to help me cross the street. As I worked with the locals, ministered to them, and tried to give them medical attention, I realized how restricted I was in helping them. I thought to myself, “I could do so some much more if I could effectively communicate with them”.

That entire week, I wished so many times that I could understand what they needed – I could have done so much more. I made a promise to myself that the next time I returned, I would know how to communicate with these people. I felt so helpless and powerless at times because there was this language barrier I had to deal with. When I got back to the States, I began to research and compare audio language software products. Website after website kept giving Rocket Spanish great reviews.

I was reluctant at first, but I purchased it and gave it a shot – Wow! I am almost through all the lessons and what a world of difference this product has made. I am now conversing with several of the nationals in the Dominican Republic, preparing for the next trip. Get this – I am conversing with them in their native language! I feel so much more empowered to take this next trip and make a bigger difference. I will be able to walk the streets of these villages and converse with the locals at will, removing the communication barrier. I was doubtful that I could learn Spanish, especially so quickly. But, this is a great way – you listen and repeat the lessons and the way they are presented is so easy to follow. This product has allowed me to learn a new language and to speak it with confidence. This has also worked out very well at my job - I am now able to take phone calls and emails from Spanish speaking customers - an added bonus!

Shawn Graves— Tennessee, USA, United States

3030 More Reviews


Success Strategy #5. Access the ADVANCED learning techniques...

Gone are the days of sitting in a classroom while Mrs X wanders up and down the aisles, getting you to repeat “Yo hablo español” over and over...

Over the last 10 years there have been huge advances in learning techniques, and in language learning methods in particular...

For example did you know this hyperglot method? (A hyperglot is someone who knows 6 or more language fluently, as opposed to the more commonly known term, polyglot, who knows 3-5 languages)

“Shadowing” is a hyperglot method devised by hyperglot Alexander Arguelles. The basic method is this:

  • download an audio book in the target language

  • put your headphones on and try to repeat the dialogue simultaneously and verbatim

Essentially, you play a native-speaker dialogue through your headphones and as you hear it, even if you don’t understand a word of it, you repeat the sounds at the same time.

It’s learning another language in a way that’s similar to how you learned your first language – repeating sounds exactly as you hear them. It’s a great way for you to master colloquial speech, and your accent and intonation.

Rocket Spanish has 25 Advanced Learning Technique articles that will give you learning techniques like this. Discover more tips and tricks that will dramatically cut the amount of time you need to study.

Prior to purchasing, I did extensive research on which Spanish language learning program to select... Rosetta Stone, Tell Me More, Visual Link, Learning Spanish Like Crazy, you name it, I researched and tried it (using trial software). But, at the end of the day - and countless hours of research - Rocket Spanish had the best interface, best reviews, and most accessible teaching methods. This will be the software that my wife and I will use to first, learn Spanish, and second, introduce our daughter to the language. Wish me luck!

Joshua Lopez— Humble, TX

3030 More Reviews


Success Strategy #6. Have a strong support network...

To have the best chance of success with mastering Spanish, you need a strong network of fellow learners and native speakers to help you along when you get stuck. You don’t want to be sitting there throwing your hands up in the air in frustration if you come across a tricky bit...

With Rocket Spanish, you don’t have to be afraid to put your hand up, there is no such thing as a silly question with us...

When you learn Spanish with Rocket Spanish, you'll have unlimited 24/7 lifetime online access to our team of:

Your Rocket Spanish tutor, Mauricio

  • Spanish teachers (including Rocket Spanish tutor, Mauricio),

  • native speakers,

  • and fellow Spanish enthusiasts...

...who will answer all your Spanish language questions.

We'll be with you every step of the way - it's like having your own Spanish teacher, virtually "on call"!

We also have a members’ hotline for any technical issues that may arise. Members get preferential customer service because we want any issues resolved fast!

Who is using Rocket Languages right now?

* real time reporting — updates every 5 sec

Rocket Spanish is definitely the easiest way to learn Spanish. It's a big help for me, now I can understand my customers when they speak Spanish. They're all amazed because they all know that a few months ago I couldn't understand a word. I'm glad I've chosen the right program on the right time. I'm sure that Rocket Spanish will always be a number 1 selling program because it's a unique method of teaching a foreign language. Thank you Mauricio.

Rabia Elmessaoudi— Florida, USA, United States

3030 More Reviews


Success Strategy #7. Maintain MOTIVATION and have fun while you learn...

The final method that successful language learners use is high motivation; which means maintaining your motivation and actively improving it.

Have you ever tried doing something new that was so exciting that you had an inability to concentrate on anything else? Then as time goes on it, slowly but surely, it gets to the stage where it’s easier for you to stay in bed... I think we have all been there...

That’s why the Rocket Express Learning System® has been designed to include a whole range of activities and features that will keep you engaged, motivated, and on track. Such as...

  • Progress tracking: your at-a-glance Dashboard, so you know where you are up to

  • Rating system: As you go, you get to rate how well you know, words, phrases, and lessons. The more you know, the better your rating

  • Badges, points, and the leaderboard: this works really well to keep you motivated and coming back for more

  • Phrase Finder: so you can find words and phrases within different contexts throughout the course

  • My Vocab: a handy tool for you to store any difficult to remember vocabulary

  • My Notes: another handy tool that lets you make personal notes on each lesson for future reference

  • FlashCards: improve your active recall of Spanish words and phrases using FlashCards. With a FlashCard set for every lesson, you will be mastering Spanish before you know it!

  • Optional weekly emails: reporting on your overall progress and pointing you towards recommended lessons

  • Lifetime access: every Rocket Spanish course is yours for life - 24/7

  • Free upgrades: we are always working on improving the Rocket Express Learning System®, and when we make improvements they are yours for free!

Rocket Spanish has ingeniously integrated a full, easy-to-follow curriculum that allows for self-paced, FUN and ENGAGING learning for all levels of learning. Nothing tops Rocket Spanish. It's simply the best.

Thomas McLean— Atlanta, GA

3030 More Reviews

So, how much does mastery of Spanish cost?
(And how long will it take?)

That all depends on how you go about it...

Let’s do a quick comparison and look at some of the alternatives.


Last time I checked, if you decided to buy one of our competitors software packages, like the well-known yellow ones you so often see advertised on the TV, you could be paying upwards of $500, never mind additional lessons that you may need to take to fill the gaps.


Next, if you decided to take a language class, you’d be looking at paying at least $300 - $400 a semester, and that doesn’t include the cost of textbooks and time away from the things you really want to be doing. Not to mention how little personal time you get in a classroom setting...


Alternatively, you might consider hiring a local or online private tutor, but at the bare minimum you would be paying close to $50 an hour. Sure, it’s smart to get one-on-one attention but it will end up being very expensive and there is no guarantee their method of teaching is going to work for you. Who knows, maybe they focus on a learning style that doesn’t gel with the way you grasp language. Plus, you can’t repeat a lesson without paying them again.


Maybe you’ve considered enrolling in a college or university course. No doubt, you’ve probably already seen that tuition could cost you anywhere between $1,500 to $2,000 on the low end, and let’s face it, that means you’re going to be busy trying to get to classes, wading through heavy text-books, and juggling with more than you need in order to speak and understand a language.


And finally, maybe you’ve thought about simply diving in at the deep end and trying to learn through complete immersion in a foreign country. You know, booking a flight, paying for accommodation and flying by the seat of your pants.

Truth is you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money, or years behind a desk to become proficient at daily conversation. Rocket Spanish provides a simple, quick, and affordable means of achieving mastery at Spanish, while allowing you to continue doing what you want. It’s that flexible.

So how much is it worth to you, to save all that money and time?

With Rocket Spanish, it works out to be less than $1 per hour of tuition, that’s unbeatable value in anyone's book.

As soon as you have ordered you will be directed to the Rocket Spanish members' area where you can access all the tools you need to truly master Spanish.

Remember, your access is 24/7 and is yours for life, including any and all course upgrades... so, once you have it you can come back to it at any time.

Rocket Spanish Premium Members' Survey

Question: Do you think Rocket Spanish is good value for money?

Rocket Spanish member survey

A bonus offer for you...

Today, with every order, you will get a ton of extra audio and vocab in the form of our Survival Kits.

These tailor-made Survival Kit lessons are specially designed to be fun, flexible and easy to use. No boring vocabulary lists or heavy phrasebooks for you!

Your Survival Kit is made up of targeted Rocket Spanish Vocab Sessions with interactive audio that focus on essential Spanish words and phrases and their pronunciation. You can use them anywhere, anytime. You can use them online, download them to your computer, or even transfer them to your smart phone or tablet.

The Survival Kits sell everyday on our website for $49.95, but we're including it absolutely FREE when you buy today from this page.

The “You’ll learn Spanish or you don’t pay”
Founder’s personal guarantee

That’s right: this is my personal guarantee to you. Here's exactly how it works.

Look, I'm a regular person like you. And I know that it can be difficult to trust people you come across online, especially when we've made some pretty big statements here today.

I've told you that a lot of common methods to learn Spanish are one-dimensional and not based on the key language acquisition methods that the pro’s use. And I've told you that I've got a system that, if you dedicate 20 minutes a day to, and do what I say, then you're going to master Spanish no matter what your age or ability.

Jason Oxenham: Rocket Languages Co-founder and CEO

  • Without having to attend classes

  • Without having to go through some old school text book

  • Without having to look at pictures of apples over and over again.

Before you know it you're going to be able to have actual conversations in Spanish.

You will be able to speak like a native, to natives, and have them slapping you on the back and saying that you're the one person that understands them.

I want to make it an absolute no-brainer for you today, here's what I'm going to do, simply order the course, enter your credit card or PayPal information, and you'll have 60 full days to try this out before you decide if it's for you.

You can decide in those 60 days whether you have the time and the motivation to learn Spanish... If at any point in the next 60 days you don't feel like the system lived up to what I said here, or if you don't think that you personally have time to go through the program, simply contact my customer services team, let them know, and they will issue you with a prompt and courteous refund...

No Questions. No Hassles. Just contact us at [email protected]. It’s that simple.

Jason Oxenham
CEO and Co-founder
Rocket Languages Ltd

Hola, my name is Mark Waddell and I live in New Zealand with my partner from Chile.

When I met her last year, she already spoke English well, but I noticed that there were a lot of English idioms that she didn't understand at all. She would look at me blankly when I used to banter with her in 'double entendres' and I used to be the only one not laughing when a Chilean group would get together for a BBQ.

With us both being very busy in our jobs, the Spanish I was picking up was slow and full of slang, so, in January, I decided to go searching for a Spanish Language Program on the Internet.

I was really impressed by the service that Mauricio provided and I have to admit that with so much on offer on the internet I was skeptical at first. I tend to like learning something formally and so I though the style offered in Rocket Spanish would not suit me. I was so wrong!

The lessons are so informal and relaxed that it is easy to pick up one or two words quickly and within a few weeks you realize that you are starting to understand the structure of the sentence in Spanish. After that you can get into the formal stuff that Rocket Spanish also offers as part of its package. The language games are cool too!

I now can quickly get the general understanding of what people are saying in Spanish. I really didn't think that it would happen so quickly. I would highly recommend Rocket Spanish to anyone, because it offers so many ways to learn and it has a great online support. I am very happy that I went with the online option, because I could pick it up and put it down in my own time and not feel as though I was falling behind.

Once, years ago, I joined a group to learn French, but felt as though I was the worst and slowest so I missed a session; well that was it then. I never went back and kissed goodbye to about $150. The experience stopped me from believing that I could learn another language. My girlfriend has been the impetus I needed to want to learn and Rocket Spanish has been the device to make it so. I now have another few hundred million people on the planet that I feel confident to converse with and that is an amazing gift.

Expect to learn quickly and without the stress of failure with the Rocket Spanish course.

I find myself dipping into and English- Spanish dictionary daily now to pick up new words.
Hasta luego!

Mark Waddel— Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand

3030 More Reviews

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  • I don’t have a good internet connection. Do you ship Rocket Spanish?

  • We sure do. Each Level of Rocket Spanish has a corresponding 20CD set. Just contact customer support for more info.

  • I don’t have a credit card or PayPal

  • We have other payment options here

  • How do you compare to competitors?

  • Most competitors take only one angle with their learning approach. Where the Rocket Express Learning System® is different is that we don’t force a square peg into a round hole, we have specifically provided for a variety of learning styles.

    We recommend that you try the free trials of competing products and see what works for you.

  • What devices will Rocket Spanish work on?

  • Rocket Spanish will work on a range of devices;

    We recommend Chrome for the best functionality. However, the course will work on Firefox, Edge, Safari and Internet Explorer.

    Android devices, including tablets and smartphones, via the app
    iOS devices, including tablets and smartphones, via the app

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