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Bargain in Spanish

Want to bargain in Spanish? This free audio lesson will show you how! Everyone loves a bargain, and in many Spanish-speaking countries negotiating is a big part of the shopping experience. Bargaining in Spanish can be entertaining – and easier on the wallet of course!

Rocket Spanish will give you some tips on how to get the best deal Latin-style, and by the end of the lesson you’ll also know some handy Spanish vocabulary for your next shopping trip.

Bargaining in Spanish

Read on for the Spanish translation of bargaining and more!



Regatear el precio

Bargain over a price

Regatear mucho

To drive a hard bargain

How to bargain in Spanish

Once you see an item you want, you should have an idea of how much you want to pay for it. Then ask for the price…

¿Cuánto cuesta está? / ¿Cuánto es?

How much is it?

¿Cuánto cuesta?

How much does it cost?

If the price is higher than what you had in mind, then it’s decision time – Option one: you can walk away… Or option two: it’s time to bargain!

Let’s suppose you take option two – first spend some time with the article in your hand, and have a little chit chat with the salesperson, then an easy bargaining response is to reply…


Too much!

Usted cobra demasiado, lo siento.

You charge too much, I'm sorry.

Or you can ask this next question…

¿Es el precio más bajo?

Is this your lowest price?

More Spanish bargaining phrases

Other essential phrases to use when *regateando –* “bargaining” in a Spanish-speaking country are the following:

Deme el mejor precio y lo compro.

Give me the best price and I'll buy it.

No es aceptable.

Not good enough.

Es demasiado.

That's too much.

Demasiado caro/a.

Too expensive.

El precio es demasiado alto.

The price is too high.

And here are some more ambitious phrases…a little longer, but sometimes you need to pull all the tricks out when you’re bargaining. Telling the vendor, “Hey somebody up the road offered it to me cheaper, so if you can match the price, I’ll buy it from you” will most likely get you a good price.

Puedo conseguir un precio más barato en otro lugar.

I can get a lower price at another place.

La tienda allá me lo ofreció por diez dólares.

The store over there offered it to me for 10 dollars.

Usually, by then, the vendor will lower the price, and you can go home happy!

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