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Feelings in Spanish

After this free audio lesson you’ll be able talk about your feelings in Spanish. Look out world! With the help of the Rocket Spanish team you’ll be able to express your emotions in Spanish and get to know native speakers better. Perhaps this will help to take your new friendships to the next level.

How would you like to be able to say how you really feel in a Spanish conversation? Let's get started...

Talking about Feelings in Spanish

In Spanish we use the verb estar to express how you are feeling now in Spanish.

Estoy feliz

I'm happy

Estoy enamorado / enamorada

I'm in love

Estoy aburrido / aburrida

I'm bored

Estoy cansado / cansada

I'm tired

Estoy emocionado / emocionada

I'm excited

Estoy asustado / asustada

I'm frightened

Estoy enojado / enojada

I'm angry

Estoy celoso / celosa

I'm jealous

Estoy sorprendido / sorprendida

I'm amazed / surprised

Estoy contento / contenta

I'm content

Estoy nervioso / nerviosa

I'm nervous

Estoy ocupado / ocupada

I'm busy

Estoy preocupado / preocupada

I'm worried

Estoy furioso / furiosa

I'm furious

Estoy triste

I'm sad

Estoy avergonzado / avergonzada

I'm embarrassed

If someone asks you ¿Cómo te sientes? you can use the verb sentirse, “to feel”… to answer.

¡Me siento de maravilla!

I feel great!

Me siento animado / animada

I feel lively

¡Me siento fabuloso / fabulosa!

I feel fabulous / fantastic!

Me siento optimista

I feel hopeful / optimistic

Me siento relajado / relajada

I feel relaxed

Me siento fatal

I feel terrible

Do you feel like a queen today? Do you feel like a rock star?

If you’re feeling LIKE something, just add como “like”, to Me siento… / Me siento como…

Me siento como una reina.

I feel like a queen.

Me siento como una estrella de rock.

I feel like a rock star.

That's the end of this lesson. I hope you enjoyed it.

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