Spanish Time

These lessons are all about Spanish time and come with loads of examples, as well as audio tracks and voice recognition so that you can perfect your pronunciation of all the Spanish time vocabulary!

Telling the time in Spanish

If you want to be able to pronounce the time in Spanish, ask someone what the time is, or set up a meeting time then this is the lesson for you!

How to say the days of the week in Spanish

This free audio lesson covers the days in Spanish, as well as the different parts of the day like "at night" "Por la noche" and tons of other useful phrases.

Know your months in Spanish

Being able to pronounce the months in Spanish is very useful vocabulary. Check this lesson out and use the tests at the end to see if you really know the months!

What are the seasons in Spanish?

Check this lesson out to get the perfect pronunciation of the seasons in Spanish. Adios Mauricio Evlampieff Rocket Spanish

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