Groceries in Spanish

Hungry? You’ll be able to shop for groceries in Spanish after this free audio lesson. We’ll teach you the Spanish words for different types of shops, and how to ask for what you need in a store. After this you’ll know the Spanish words for some common foods, and how to ask for certain quantities in Spanish.

Listen to the Spanish pronunciation and practice saying the Spanish phrases aloud, just as you would in a grocery store. Let’s go shopping!

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Talking about Groceries in Spanish

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Groceries, Supplies

La carnicería


La confitería

Candy store / Sweet shop

La panadería


La pastelería

Cake Shop / Pastry Shop

La pescadería

Fish shop / Seafood store

La verdulería

Vegetable Market

La frutería

Fruit shop

La cervecería


La bodega

Wine cellar

La heladería

Ice cream shop

La pizzería

Pizza shop

La lechería


La tienda de comestibles

Grocery store

You may be looking for a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, a pack of cookies, a can of fruit, or just a piece of cake. You can ask for how much and how many by asking: ¿Tiene…? “Do you have…?” Or simple say Quisiera “I would like…” before the amount and product you would like.


Do you have...?


I would like...

Quisiera una libra de...

I would like a pound of...

Quisiera una botella de…

I would like a bottle of...

Quisiera un frasco de…

I would like a jar of...

Quisiera una caja de…

I would like a box of...

Quisiera un paquete de...

I would like a packet of...

Quisiera un estuche de…

I would like a case of...

Quisiera una lata de...

I would like a can / tin of...

Quisiera un sobre de…

I would like a sachet of...

Quisiera una porción de…

I would like a piece of...

Quisiera un kilo de…

I would like a kilo of...

Perhaps you want a slice of bread, with a slice of salami, and a slice of cheese. How about a slice of cake with a slice of pineapple on top? In English we use the word “slice” for many things, but in Spanish, there is an extensive range of vocabulary that is equivalent to “slice”.

Una rebanada de pan

Slice of bread

Una loncha de chorizo / salchicha

Slice of salami / sausage

Una loncha de queso / jamón

Slice of cheese / ham

Una tajada de carne

Slice of meat

Una rodaja de limón / pepino / piña

Slice of lemon / cucumber / pineapple

Un trozo de pastel

Slice of cake / pie

Una raja de melón

Slice of melon

Una porción de pizza

Slice of pizza

How would you buy meat if you lived in a Spanish-speaking country? At the carnicería, butcher, you can buy many kinds and cuts of meat...

Carne de res


Chuletas de cerdo

Pork chops











To ask for a slice of beef, you can say…

Quisiera una tajada de carne de res.

I would like a slice of beef

You can also use the word cortadas when you’re asking for a certain number of pieces of meat…

Quisiera tres cortadas de lomo.

I would like three pieces of pork.

That’s it for this lesson. I hope you had fun!

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