Spanish Medical Words

You never know when you’ll need to use some Spanish medical words. In this online audio lesson you’ll learn some Spanish phrases just in case you ever need to visit a Spanish-speaking doctor or hospital.

You may need to access health care if you’re feeling sick or get injured. The Rocket Spanish team will teach you the vocabulary to describe your symptoms in Spanish, and what to say in an emergency if necessary. So let's get prepared...

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Spanish Medical Words and Phrases

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Tengo dolor.

I have pain.

Tengo dolor de cabeza.

I have a headache.

Tengo dolor de estómago.

I have a stomachache.

Tengo dolor de garganta.

I have a sore throat.

Tengo dolor de oídos.

I have sore ears.

Tengo dolor de muelas.

I have a toothache.

Estoy enfermo.

I'm sick.

No me siento bien.

I'm feeling sick.

Me siento mal.

I feel unwell.

Me siento débil.

I feel weak.

The following phrases are useful when describing where it hurts…

Me duele el brazo.

My arm hurts.

Me duele la pierna.

My leg hurts.

Me duele la cabeza.

My head hurts.

Me duele la rodilla.

My knee hurts.

Me duele el pie.

My foot hurts.

Me duelen los dedos.

My fingers hurt.

Me duele el tobillo.

My ankle hurts.

Me duele el ojo.

My eye hurts.

Me duele el hombro.

My shoulder hurts.

Me duele la espalda.

My back hurts.

Me duele la muñeca.

My wrist hurts.

When you go to the doctor he or she will ask you about your symptoms…

¿Qué tipo de síntomas tiene?

What symptoms do you have?

¿Tiene dolor?

Do you have pain?

¿Dónde te duele?

Where do you have pain?

¿Tiene fiebre?

Do you have fever?

Maybe you have an idea what’s wrong with you. You could say …

Tengo un resfriado.

I have a cold.

Tengo la gripe.

I have the flu.

Tengo nauseas.

I have nausea.

Tengo fiebre.

I have a fever.

Tengo una infección.

I have an infection.

Tengo un virus.

I have a virus.

Tengo una alergia.

I have an allergy.

Tengo fiebre del heno / alergia al polen

I have hayfever / allergies.

Tengo dolores menstruales.

I have cramps / period pain.

Sufro de insomnio.

I have insomnia.

Maybe you cut yourself and all you need is a bandage, you might need some sleeping pills for a long haul flight or cough syrup. Here is what you have to say…

Necesito curitas.

I need bandages.

Necesito un yeso.

I need a cast.

Necesito muletas.

I need crutches.

Necesito un somnífero.

I need sleeping pills.

Necesito antibióticos.

I need antibiotics.

Necesito jarabe para la tos.

I need cough syrup.

Necesito una receta médica.

I need a prescription.

Necesito contracepción.

I need contraception.

Here are some more general phrases and words…

La Farmacia


La Medicina


La Ambulancia


El hospital




¡Necesito ayuda!

I need help!

¡Necesito un médico!

I need a doctor!

¡Es una emergencia!

It's an emergency!

¡Llame una ambulancia!

Call an ambulance!

And, emergencies do happen so it’s always handy to have a list of numbers at hand. For all medical emergencies here’s a list of numbers…

  • Spain - 112 or 061
  • Mexico - 066, 060, or 080
  • Argentina - 107
  • Bolivia - 118
  • Chile - 131
  • Colombia - 132
  • Venezuela - 171

I hope you stay happy and healthy.

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See you soon! ¡Hasta pronto!

Mauricio Evlampieff: Rocket Spanish

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