Rocket Languages Blog Coming soon... The Rocket Languages 2016 Edition

Coming soon... The Rocket Languages 2016 Edition


Bonjour tout le monde

I have some great news for all!

The 2016 Edition is coming soon and it's going to make you feel like you have just taken possession of a brand new sports car!

Like the latest Alfa Romeo 4C, it comes with a great new look, but hopefully without the mechanical issues that Alfa's are renowned for! To that end, we will be starting beta testing with selected members over the next few weeks. We want to iron out as many bugs as possible before it gets to you!

New cars are packed full of the latest technology, and the Rocket Languages 2016 Edition will be no different. We have made use of some fantastic new technology to improve the driving experience :)  For example the 2016 Edition will have a new interface, improved Tests and more, all the while, keeping the best parts (no pun intended) of the current Edition.

The 2016 Edition will work across most browsers, but for the best experience we will be recommending Google Chrome, at least initially. We have incorporated new features that make use of Chrome's speech-to-text functionality to enhance the learning experience. (Note that most other common browsers are bringing out similar technology over the next few months). So, while it would be nice to actually have a brand new sports car in your driveway, you will have to make do with your family and friends being envious of your ability to speak another language instead!

So, how will you get the 2016 Edition?

Well, luckily we aren't a car dealership so you won't have to trade in your current Rocket Languages membership! If you are already a member then all you will have to do is log in to your course and start learning, as all updates to the course are free for existing members. This means that you get all the benefits of a brand-spanking new edition without the cost!

I will let you know when we have a definite release date once we have completed the first round of beta testing!

All the best with your language learning

Jason Oxenham
Rocket Languages


Rocket Languages = The Best!




C'est fantastique!


I am looking forward to the new release. And I would be happy to volunteer as a beta tester.


감 사 함 니 다!


Eccezionale!! Grazie Mille!


Would love to be a beta member


Hi all - Thanks for the comments. There will be a blog post next week about the beta testing, and an opportunity to register as a beta tester!

Deven--3 देवन--३

धन्यवाद!! बहुत शुक्रिया!!


how do you become a beta tester?


Hi Bolinder - A post will go up next week informing you how to become a beta tester and how the whole process will work. Exciting times here at Rocket! :)


Fantastic! I'm looking forward to the new release as well, and I'd like to join the list of beta testers too. 


I too would like to become a beta tester.  I am a software tester by profession but I'd rather test Spanish software than mortgage banking software.  It is a big bore!

Deven--3 देवन--३

Jason I have a question. It doesn't have to do with the 2016 update or beta testing.

Is rocket making plans to make Hindi levels 2 / 3? 


Hi Deven - Not at this stage. A 3rd level of Mandarin and or further French and Spanish products are more likely at this stage. Unfortunately it's a bit of a numbers game as to how many people globally want to learn a particular language.


Good news for Spanish! I would definitely go for an additional Spanish product from Rocket Languages. There's not much more I can do with the Platinum course and I would like to keep connected to RS. Any idea on a time frame for this, Jason?


Hi Steven - If all goes well with the 2016 Edition launch then I am hopeful we will have a Spanish product up and running before the end of the year.


Do you foresee producing a Welsh course at any time?


Thanks Rocket Language :)


Yay, I'm so excited! :D


Non vedo l'ora!!!  YAY!!!!!!!

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