Rocket Languages Blog Hotkeys are here!

Hotkeys are here!


Hi all

Just a quick note about a new feature that several people have been asking for... Hotkeys! Hotkeys help speed up the process of going through various functions on your desktop/laptop browser. Instead of having to use your mouse, you can just press a key on your keyboard!

In the Testing section, once you have clicked "Get Started" to start either a Hear it Say it!, Write it! or Know it! Test, you can use the following hotkeys;

P = Play tutor audio
R = Record yourself
1 = rate as Hard
2 = rate as Poor
3 = rate as So-so
4 = rate as Good
5 = rate as Easy

These hotkeys will also work on the Module and Final Tests!

With the FlashCards you can use the following hotkeys;

Space or Enter = Flip
1 = rate as Hard
2 = rate as Poor
3 = rate as So-so
4 = rate as Good
5 = rate as Easy

I hope you find this useful and a great aid to your language learning!

Jason Oxenham
Rocket Languages


That's great! I can't wait to try them out.


Awesome! This will make things so much easier. Thanks!


I just tried it out and it works for me.  Now you all need to figure out how to add a tool tip.  I suggest that if you hover the mouse over the key that you then display the hot key.


Thank you! For reference, hitting the Enter key = selecting the Reveal button with the mouse.

Good job, Jason and all.


I add my accolades to everyone else's. These are a handy addition. I was trying to figure out how to reveal the answer and voila, Steven provided the answer.


This is nice, but it would be helpful if the hotkeys are switched off for the textfield in the Feedback function. E.g. in the 'Hear it say it' exercise: click 'Get Started', then click the link 'Send us feedback', click into the textfield and try writing something with a 'p' or 'r' in it. They always trigger the hotkey, and you cannot get them at all into the textfield. (Have to copy & paste it from elsewhere.) At least that's so with Chrome on MacOSX for me.


I also like the hot keys; however, one thing would make them better.  When a flashcard is opened in the native language, the rating scale is dim and can't be used.  When the flashcard is flipped to the target language (French for me), the rating scale lights up and can be used.  However, if I flip the card back to the English side to hear the French one more time, the rating scale reverts to dim.  I think that once the flashcard was flipped and the scale lights up, it should stay light.  That way it can be rated at any time after the first flip.


Great.  How about adding an N for Next group of flash cards?

And an M for My deck of flashcards so I can keep and work on only those I had trouble with?  (Like My Vocab)

Someone mentioned being able to hear the target language in their flashcards.  My flashcards are mute.  How do I get sound.


I am working my way through lesson 9.6 Know It right now and having trouble with the hotkeys. When I started the lesson they didn't work. Then started working fine. Then suddenly stopped again.

Anyone else having this sort of trouble?


Hi all - Some great ideas! I will add them to the development wishlist.

Hi Leiffrenzel2 - Thanks for pointing this out. It's fixed!

Hi Dan - We haven't heard from anyone else with this issue. Is it particular to Rocket Spanish lesson 9.6?


Wow, that's an impressive responsiveness! Thanks.


Jason: the issue did not repeat itself yesterday afternoon nor during my study session this morning, so I think all is good. If it recurs I will check other lessons.


Hmmm... I suspect this is why I  can no longer enter the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 with my keyboard in the "Write It" section. Is this right? If yes, I hope this issue can be resolved.


Hi Dino - Yes, it appears you are correct! I will get it looked at asap. Thanks for pointing it out.


Jason: this morning I did the Know It section of Lesson 10.7. The hotkeys did not work. When I was finished I went over to lesson 10.1 Know It and the hotkeys worked. Then just to see I went back to Lesson 10.7 and they worked. So something is functioning erratically here.


Hi Dan - I have just talked to the IT team and they feel that it is either a caching issue (potentially happening if you had been into these lessons before the hotkeys change was made), or more likely it is a page loading error whereby some elements of the page aren't loading correctly the first time round.
If this happens on another lesson please try a hard refresh (ctrl-F5).


Hi Dino - The Write it! issue with the hotkeys should be resolved. We made a few other subtle changes to improve how it works as well.


This is awesome! Thanks! As a mac user who loves his hotkeys, this is right up my alley. 


thanks a lot! good improvement!


Awesome! Very useful tips! Many thanks!


Could I please have a hotkey to move from one set of flash cards to the next?  I'm working in French


Hi Sandy - Great idea. I have added it to the wishlist.

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