Quick update!



Bonjour tout le monde !

Just a quick update about a few changes we have made to your members area.

Following on from the new forum design and functionality, we also changed the My profile page to a smarter and better functioning system.

And just today we changed around the Testing structure. The Tests, like Hear it Say it!, Write it!, etc are now all in-line with the actual lesson content. "Why make this change?" I hear you ask. Because our member survey results were showing that a lot of people weren't even seeing the Testing tab, and in the position it is now it is very hard to miss!

Not only that but being able to refer back to the lesson without changing the tab was deemed useful.

You may also have picked up that the Play it! and Quiz sections also have a slightly different layout.

We have a few other changes and improvements coming up. I will make sure that I keep you posted.

A bientot

Jason Oxenham
CEO & Co-founder
Rocket Languages