Rocket Languages Blog Rocket Languages 2016 Edition - Call for beta testers

Rocket Languages 2016 Edition - Call for beta testers


UPDATE! Sept 17th
Thanks to everyone who registered for the beta test. This first round is now closed. Already we have had some great feedback that I am sure will really enhance the 2016 Edition! At this stage we hope to have the 2016 Edition live for everyone on or around Oct 12th. I will keep you updated!

Hi all

Following up from last weeks post about the upcoming release of the 2016 Edition of Rocket Languages, I would like to make a call for all those members interested in becoming beta testers to register your interest.

The beta-test is slated to be released within the next 3 weeks. If you register to become a beta-tester then you will be notified via email when the time comes!

While we may not be able to accommodate everyone into the initial beta test, we will try our best!

Note that members who are using the free Trial are also eligible to become beta testers. You will be able to test out the selected lessons that are within your existing Trial.


There will be a follow up survey 5 to 7 days after the beta-testing starts. Please fill this in as the information that we get will be used to enhance the learning experience for everyone!

Click here to register (login required);


Jason Oxenham
Rocket Languages


awesome, but I have a question. Do I have to pay for the new update? I have paid for my trial on rocket languages. And also, when will the update be finished? Merci!


Hi Cherry - The new update will be freely available to all members, whether they are paid members or trial users. The release date hasn't been formalized yet because it will depend on the results of the beta test!


Sure I'll be a tester :)


If you need any more testers i'm in :-)


Yes -- this seems like a good idea.  If you need more folks - count me in.

Karen Pinard

Count me in too! ;D



I know I've been off the grid for a couple of weeks (had a nice long walking holiday!) . . . but I am happy to help if you are still in need of testers.
Cheers, Karen


I did not see a place to register for the beta test, but am interested in doing so.  


I'm in!



I understand the confusion over the beta (and dear moderator pls feel free to delete this comment); there are emails coming out of rocketlanguages today that feature "Call for beta testers" prominently in the email. It appears that the beta group has been chosen. If there is still room for another beta I would happily bug-fix anything (and this email is evidence that I am "particular").

Kind regards


Hi all - Sorry, our mistake, the link to this post went out in an email (somewhat unexpectedly!), so I have re-opened the beta test registration. See the link in the original post!


I’ve used the Beta two times and it’s quite interesting; there some things that I really like and some others that don’t impress me, but I won’t name them here.
One word of caution:  The points that you earn within the Beta aren’t saved to you regular RL points.  Consequently, if you want to maintain an unbroken learning streak and also do all of you studying within the Beta, you must also open the regular RL and earn at least two points.  This is a little extra work, but it’s small in comparison to the experience of working within something new and exciting.


Hi Diana - I look forward to seeing your comments! And you are right, the beta test is independent of your normal members area account. Any changes made, points gained, etc will NOT be translated back to your normal account.

The Rocket Scheduler will be kept but moved to the sidebar points widget.


Any target date when it will be live? I love some of the new features and very impressed where it is going especially getting away from FLASH!!

Keep up the excellent work in making this language learning experience more enjoyable!


I'm in too! 


I am in, too.

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