Rocket Languages Blog The Latest Rocket Languages Update!

The Latest Rocket Languages Update!


Hi all

We recently pushed out a significant update to the Rocket Languages members areas!

The main differences that you will notice are:

  • The page load times should be faster and general functionality will also happen more quickly.
  • The badges and points system has had a complete code-base upgrade. In the past we have had issues with the legacy code being responsible for points/badges code inconsistently recording members points. This should be rectified with this latest update.
  • The Leaderboard has also been extended! You can check out the Leaderboard here or by clicking My Badges in the members area navigation.  It looks like nóng fu is right at the top in recent times! Great work!
  • We have also updated our member review submission page, which you can access by clicking the "Reviews" link at the top of the page in the members area. You can browse through and filter other peoples reviews easily.
  • Rocket Russian now has Writing lessons! Rocket Russian members will now see a "Writing Lessons" tab at the top of their Dashboard. These video-based lessons show you how to write letters and words in Cyrillic. Make sure you check them out!


As this was a significant update, please let us know if you come across anything that doesn't seem quite right. With a complex system like this the odd bug may have slipped through the cracks!

What's coming up?

Short term

  • The app is overdue for an upgrade, so within the next few weeks we hope to complete Stage 1 of that project. It will involve the addition of voice recognition functionality as well as fixing some points synching issues.

Medium term

  • We are about to start work on Rocket Chinese Level 3!
  • In a couple of months time the Rocket (American) Sign Language course will be completely updated with tons of new sign language videos.
  • And finally within the next few months we will be rolling out a new interface, which will make it easier for members to find their way around the courses!
Exciting times for everyone here at Rocket Languages!

All the best with your language learning.

Jason Oxenham
Rocket Languages



Really enjoying the French and Italian lessons.  However, I'm unable to access the Rocket French level 1, Module 3, Lesson 3.9 (French Punctuation) Quiz . It's totally unresponsive, so I'm 'stuck' on 97% for module 3. Not a problem, but wondered if this could be one of the 'odd bugs' in the system?




hi Jason,

Thanks for the updating ! keep up the good work



I recently downloaded the audio files and noticed that there is some kind of problem with the numbering system.  The Level 2 files, for example are shown as beginning with 9.1, but the audio file associated with that lesson is labeled 11.1.  If memory serves there is a numbering issue in Level 3, as well.

This was very confusing when I was trying to set things up for offline practice.   Would you have someone check on this?





Sorry - I meant to mention that I'm working with Rocket Spanish.



Hi Steve - Rocket French lesson 3.9 on French punctuation is a new lesson that was added a month or so ago. It doesn't actually have a Quiz at this stage so it was getting stuck. I have removed the (non-working) Quiz, so it should be sorted.

Hi Wayne - There are a few issues with the numbering that we are working through. Without getting into it, it's not straightforward unfortunately.


Thank you very much for all the effort you are doing in this tool.
Looking forward for the new app for mobile! The voice recognition tool is in my opinion extremely helpful to learn a language efficiently!

Deven--3 देवन--३

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the update! However, I noticed there are no video based Hindi lessons in the writing section. Will these be added in later updates?




Hi Jason,
Loving my Rocket Chinese (lesson 2.4) but I noticed that if a sentence is long, and when I'm repeating the sentence (at normal speed) it cuts me off in mid sentence and gives me a low percent rating. Don't know if it's just me, but just thought I'd mention it.


Oh I can't wait for Rocket Chinese Level 3.  Wǒ tài xìngfèn le。


Hi Deven - Yes, videos of the Hindi script characters will be in the Writing lesson revamp for Rocket Hindi.

Hi Melanie - Please email customer support with specific phrases where this is happening and we can try and replicate it at our end.  In saying that, the voice recognition system doesn't deal with pauses well, so you could try not pausing for full-stops/periods for instance.


Hi - I noticed the query re French level 1, Module 3, Lesson 3.9 (French Punctuation) Quiz -I had exactly the same issue with the quiz being unresponsive.  The quiz has now been removed but my completion percentage for the module still sits at 97%.......
I guess it should not matter much, but on the other hand it is annoying! Is it possibe to fix this? cheers, Carla


Hi Carla - Thanks for pointing that out. This should be resolved now.


Merci beaucoup Jason!


Hi Jason. I still have trouble with my points goal. I got 1,450 points on July 5th, and they disappeared before I finished with my Spanish learning on that day. Brittany


Hi Brittany - Thanks for your patience on this, we have discovered a bug that was causing a few issues for some people. We think we have resolved it. If you still have issues then please let me know.


I just got back to my German lessons and have had no issues thus far. I do enjoy German and will use this tool to achieve my goal of being a polyglot. Excellent work!!

David K

I've been enjoying the Rocket German course for two weeks and think they are great.
One additional feature you might consider adding are vocabulary lists of the words used in the Premium, Premium Plus, and Platinum courses.  All of them.  They way they do in German Pod 1.01.  My list there is up to 3,400 words and one can break them up into small lists. 
I'm surprised no one as yet implemented a program that will quickly read ones Vocab lists (with a variable speed which i would set super fast.)  First thing in the morning I would like to listen to 2000 vocabulary words German English and vice a versus as practice.  But not have to click the mouse around several thousand times. Just close my eyes and listen to start the day.


When will you add another level for Arabic?


Hi Almira - Currently Rocket Arabic Level 1 is in the process of being upgraded. At this stage there are no plans for higher levels of Arabic. Although that may change depending on demand. 

Currently we are working on Levels 2 & 3 of Rocket Russian.


I appreciate all Rocket Language's good, hard work.  It makes my Japanese learning so much fun and I am really learning, much to the delight of my Japanese speaking aide at work!

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