Rocket Languages Blog Wow! Two new things in a week! Introducing the Rocket Scheduler...

Wow! Two new things in a week! Introducing the Rocket Scheduler...


<p><p><b>Salut tout le monde !</b></p><p>As you probably know by now, here at Rocket Languages we are all about maximizing your language learning time, so that you get the most effective learning possible in the shortest time. Certainly, the recently released Play it! falls into this category.&nbsp;</p><p><b>What is equally important with language learning is sticking at it! </b>To make the most progress, it's imperative that you do some learning on a regular basis, even if it's only a few minutes a day. After all... how do you eat an elephant? One (regular) bite at a time!</p><p><b>That's where the Rocket Scheduler comes in... If you check your Dashboard you will see the Rocket Scheduler at the top of the page.</b></p><p><b>My Rocket Scheduler a motivational tool</b> that uses the "don't break the chain" method to help you form good learning habits. Each day you use any feature to gain points, the current day will turn green!</p><p>Over time you will get into the rhythm of doing some language learning every day. And you will be able to see the length of your longest streak and your current active streak.</p><p>If you have set days that you wish to learn then just click Settings to select those days.</p><p><b>An important point! </b>Please use Settings to select your correct time zone, so that days and points are accurate. If you are heading overseas you can change this to suit your new time zone.</p><p>If you decide that you don't want to use the Rocket Scheduler then you can hide it by clicking the "close" icon on the Scheduler itself. You can always get it back by going to "My Profile".</p><p><b>Hot tip!</b> Set the Dashboard as the default page on your browser, so that every day you are reminded to keep the streak going!</p><p>All the best with your language learning!</p><p>Jason Oxenham<br><span style="line-height: 1.45em;">CEO<br></span><span style="line-height: 1.45em;">Rocket Languages</span></p></p>


Thanks for the update. The other day I had just a newspaper, so I practiced my numbers when I did the suduko, then I looked Thur the ads and wrote the phone numbers in French and any other words that were in the ads that I knew. It was fun seeing how much I have learned in a short time.


<p>Hi Michelle - Great work! Keep it up!<br></p>


Usually I don't need motivation, but now I have even more. Keep up the good work, all of you at Rocket, and thanks for helping us so much in ours.


Congratulations for adding Rocket Schedule. What I love too , is knowing automatically how many points are accrued every day we do our lessons. Very motivational! We compete with our ownselves via this feature. Very savvy!


<p>Hi Cathy, Isabelle - Thanks for the feedback! We strive to continually improve the courses, so we are glad you like it!</p>


Ciao Jason Is the new app. for andriod ready yet?


<p>Hi Grahame - We have had to put the release back until the end of April as we have come across some unexpected bugs with recording users.&nbsp; There will be a blog/forum post about it when we get closer to the time.<br></p>



Hi - thanks! This is an awesome addition. I had already been using a separate app for "Don't break the chain" style tracking and it's great to have it included in Rocket Languages itself. One feature that would be nice to have would be a "break mode" for periods of time where you intentionally break the chain. For example, I'm in Germany / Switzerland for the next couple of weeks so I haven't been doing lessons but have been getting real-world practice. :-) P.S. The people I've spoken with here have been really impressed with how much I'm able to say given the relatively short amount of time I've been learning (at the passport check the German officer didn't switch to English until his very last sentence, which was encouraging). I definitely credit the combination of Rocket Languages's emphasis on speaking / listening plus spaced repetition (using Anki) to learn vocabulary. Thanks!


This is just great, thank you very much for this really useful feature, it is helping me a lot.




When you recently added "WRITE IT!" it added a whole new professional learning level!....When you added "PLAY IT!" I was so happy!!! This feature is the best, it helps so much and is actually fun!(Some friends came in while I was doing "PLAY IT!", and they could not believe what I was doing!) Then you added the AWESOME Rocket Scheduler! I now have 12 consecutive days, the best I have ever done! Thank you for helping me successfully speak German! I recommend ROCKET LANGUAGES very highly! I ENJOY IT SO MUCH!


<p>Hi all - Thanks for your great comments. I will make sure that the whole Rocket Languages team gets to see them, after all most of these ideas originate from within the team (and quite a few from members themselves).<br></p>


I love how your team keeps adding new features. That really keeps it fresh and never boring! Thank you so much for all your hard work!


I totally agree! Talk about value for the money! I'm now going to go through all the lessons again and complete the Play It and Write It on all of them. BTW, you are my inspiration Bikeophile. I'm determined to catch up to you some day, more likely some year as you are so far ahead. But keep looking over your shoulder. I'll still be there. That's another great feature for those of us that are just a little competitive - the badges.


RL is certainly the best bang for the buck! Thanks guys! I like the new update with the Rocket Schedule. I'm wondering if all the badges that one can earn are shown someplace - a list? I'd like to see all the badges that I've already earned and see the ones that are yet ahead of me.


Hi diranu, Good question and one that Jason can help us with. There used to be a chart when the scoring system was first introduced but since then many new features have been added and the scoring system has changed accordingly. What is ahead of you is your Gold Master Stars. I'm working towards Gold Star 2 which is 80,000. Assuming the scale doesn't change, Gold Star 3 will start at 96,000. After that, there doesn't seem to be anything else. I see the all time leader has over 300,000 points and is still at a Gold Star 3.


<p>Hi Diranu/Byron - If you look in the Help section, under System requirements and technical questions, the bottom FAQ relates to the Badges system. Note that this system will be overhauled in the future as some people are rocketing ahead (please excuse the pun!)<br></p>


Regarding badges, I think you need to at least add more badges for higher levels. Right now it maxes out at 100,000 points (Gold Star Master 3-star). Maybe add a Grand Master class with multiple colors (like in Karate) - white, yellow, blue, green, red, black, and onto copper, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, titanium, quartz, diamond.


Byron & Jason - Thanks for the info! Robert - Multi-color badges are a great idea. It seems like such a petty thing but I like seeing the change of the badges as I progress. Kind of like an elephant performing for peanuts I guess. :P


Great Improvement! Third time I restart studying with Rocket Chinese. This small timeline will help keep the pace.

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