Rocket Languages Blog Your invitation to the Rocket Languages 2016 Edition Launch!

Your invitation to the Rocket Languages 2016 Edition Launch!


Hola, Bonjour and more!

There’s a big celebration coming here at Rocket Languages! Very soon we will be unleashing the 2016 edition of all of our courses, and we are having a huge party to celebrate over 9 months of hard work.

The house has been cleaned!
After more than 11 years in business we needed to spring clean the entire code-base. Now Rocket Languages courses will be faster and work better for you than ever before. With thousands of new users coming on board every week we needed to make sure that our language learning system was robust enough to handle it!

We’ve decorated!
When you are throwing a party you also need to decorate! Just as you’d want to make a good impression on your party-goers we have improved the look and feel of the course out of sight!

Our experienced UX and UI designers have enhanced how Rocket Languages works, making your user experience that much more enjoyable.

The presents have been organized :)
One of the best things about throwing a party is getting presents. Whether it’s your birthday or some other special occasion, getting free stuff always feels great! So even though it’s OUR party, we want to give the presents to YOU! At our 2016 Edition launch party you will get free updates to the latest version.  It  doesn’t matter whether you are taking a trial or a full member, the 2016 Edition is free to you!

Check out what’s new under the hood here;

The cake has been ordered
Just like tucking into the party cake, success with your language learning tastes great! That’s why we have combined scientific language learning theories, along with success strategies, to make a delicious language learning cake!

The invitations have been sent
We are inviting all of our language learning family and friends to celebrate with us!
  • What: The 2016 Edition Launch party
  • Where: Your usual Rocket Languages login
  • When: Starts 5pm Monday October 12th EST
What’s going to happen?
Lots of things! The 2016 Edition will be live to all, including;
  • True voice recognition to perfect your pronunciation
  • Better and more streamlined Tests
  • Improved Dashboard system
  • Online Flashcards to help you master words and phrases
  • There will also be special offers and discounts so you can get started with your language learning, or to take it to the next level
  • There might even be virtual balloons!
There’s no need to Répondez s'il vous plaît (RSVP) as we will be letting you know when the 2016 edition is live!

Until October 12th…

Jason Oxenham
Rocket Languages


¡Estoy emocionada!


Hi Shelley - So are we!


Such great news! Obrigada! 


Tottemo ii desu ne.


mirabile dictu!


great news, can't wait until that moment!!!!


Waiting quietly... :-)

Is it time yet?



Hi all - Thanks for the messages! Not far away now. I think the IT team will need a long holiday after this :) . With around 24 hours before the official launch it's all hands on deck here!


I'll be here <3

Honest Tom S

Don't Don't celebrate to soon because I'm pissed about your so called upgrade, more like a down grade. You got rid of all the features that attractive me to Rocket Language in the first place. I want a refund. 


Hi T.bone - I am sorry you feel that way. What exactly are "all of the features" that you think got rid of? A few things have moved, so some features may not be in the same position.


Unfortunately this upgrade is not working for me yet.  The Rocket Record is inferior to the previous system which worked very well for me.  The audio portion is constantly changing in the sound level.  The voice is not consistent in the sound level.  The record feature is very poor and does not record/type accurately what I am saying.  Even does not get "Hola" correct.  I miss the waveform.  

The system is extremely slow.  I am using Chrome as i did before.  The point system is changed.  I used to get points each time I recorded a statement.  Now I do not get any points when I record a phrase.  After a lengthy period of time i only got about 30 points when I usually would have had close to 100.

Please tell me these  bugs will easily and quickly be worked out. At present I was much happier with the older system.  This new upgrade is frustrating to work with.


Hi Karen - Please bear with us while we sort out a few bugs, this has been a huge data migration. The points system is being worked on now.

As far as your Rocket Record goes can you please make sure that your volume and mic settings are correctly set. The technology used for Rocket Record is based on the Google Speech to Text API and is used by native speakers, so the accuracy will be fine.

The waveform had to go as the old Rocket Record system was based on Flash, which is not compatible with many modern devices, and has had security issues in the past.

For more help on the mic set up please go to Help >  System requirements & technical questions > Why can't I record my voice?


Sorry, tried the above but just not working.  The Record does record but very poor.  My accent and speaking ability is not as bad as the Record states!  Speech to text is very off for me.  The audio is always bouncing around.

I am extremely frustrated.


Hi Karen - I will email you in a minute and perhaps we can Skype on this one so we can see what's going on exactly.


Previously saved vocab is underlined, as before.
Now if I run the cursor over it, it does not give me the vocab....only the suggestion "LIKE"!

In addition, when I save some vocab, there is no longer any addition of points. Has that been changed?

Some items of recorded speech in the test areas don't come through: the system puts up a symbol which then surrenders the message "Whoops!....(etc.)".

Hope you can sort those out.

Best wishes,
Barry in New Zealand
Rocket Japanese


Hi Barry - Thanks for pointing these issues out. We are looking into it. I appreciate your patience.


All my "record" buttons are gone.  What is going on??


ok, i cannot find some of the vocab games--picture word games-- that I found great with learning. Doubtful of this  being a benefit. 


Hi Donald - We recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Edge browsers, or the iOS/Android apps. If you aren't seeing record buttons on those then please email customer support.

Hi Dean - We have had to retire support for the Master Games as they are not compatible with any devices other than a desktop computer. Instead we are developing out a Flashcard system. If you really want to access the Master games then please email customer support. Although as I mentioned we aren't in a position to provide tech support for them going forward.


Hi all - Thanks for all of the feedback, as you know we are working on the issues. Please go to this link to email us ANY issues that you are STILL having We would like to collate them all in one place so we can get to them faster. Thank you!

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