I love you in Chinese

You probably know how "I love you" in Chinese is said... that's right! It's 我爱你 wǒ ài nǐ! But, did you know that there are tons of vocabulary related to love, relationships, sparks and dating?

In this lesson, we've prepared you for expressions that come in handy during both the courting, dating and later phases of your relationship. Whether it's going upwards or downwards, we have just the right thing for you to say.

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Pronouncing I love you in Chinese

I love you in Chinese

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What do you do when you meet someone and you realize that you are falling for that person? Here are some phrases you might want to use…


Wǒ duìnǐ gǎnxìngqu。

I'm fond of you.


Wǒ fēicháng xǐhuān nǐ。

I like you very much.


Měicì kàndào nǐ,wǒ dōu xiàng xiǎolùluànzhuàng 。

Every time I see you, I have butterflies in my stomach.


Wǒ bèi nǐ shàdào le!

I am hooked on you!

I love you in Chinese

If things have escalated to that moment where you feel utterly in love, it's time for this:


Wǒ ài nǐ。

I love you.

Hopefully the answer will be…


Wǒ yě ài nǐ。

I love you, too.

Dating in Chinese

If, however, things don't go that smoothly, here are some expressions and sentences that will come to your rescue. These are blunt and to-the-point rejections that are honest but considered polite. On the contrary, don't feel too upset if you hear these responses from someone you are pursuing.


Nǐ búshì wǒ xǐhuān de lèixíng。

You are not my type.


Wǒ zhǐxiǎng zuò péngyǒu。

I want to be just friends.


Wǒmen zhījiān méiyǒu huǒhuā。

There are no sparks between us.


Nǐ tài wúliáo le!

You're too dull!

Proposing in Chinese

We certainly hope that you never have to hear these sentences. Now, here are some pointers that will help you determine how far you've reached in your romantic relationship. Rocket Chinese is moonlighting you every step of the way!


Wǒxiǎng hé nǐ zàiyìqǐ。

I want to be with you.


Wǒmen jiāowǎng ba!

Let's be together!


Jiàgěi wǒ,hǎoma?

Marry me, will you?

What to say to the person of your dreams?

Looks like love is in the air! If you have found the person of your dreams (**梦中情人 **mèngzhōng qíngrén**), here are a few romantic lines that will help you express your love.

The third and fourth lines are borrowed from one of the most well known love stories from Chinese literature, The Butterfly Lovers (梁山伯与祝英台 Liáng Shānbó yǔ Zhù Yīngtái). This is an epic love tragedy that is sort of the equivalent of Romeo and Juliet. Hence, you could use the protagonists' names to address to undying love.

For example, if your lover is female, you can say that she is your 祝英台 Zhù Yīngtái, who is the female leading role in this story; and if your lover is male, he would be your 梁山伯 Liáng Shānbó, the male leading role.


Wǒ àinǐ ài dào tiānhuāngdìlǎo、hǎikūshílàn!

I will love you until the end of time!


Zhí zǐzhī shǒu,yǔ zǐ xiélǎo。

[I want to] Hold your hands, and grow old with you.


Nǐ shì wǒde Zhù Yīngtái。

You are my Juliette.


Nǐshì wǒde Liáng Shānbó。

You are my Romeo.

But we all know relationships and marriages aren't perfect, and people fight from time to time. So here are some lines to help you calm the situation, chill, or kick someone out. (Or if very unluckily your other half is yelling these things to you, you probably need to get out!)


Ràng wǒ jìngjing.

Leave me alone.


Lí wǒ yuǎndiǎnr。

Get away from me.


Wǒ zàiyě bùxiǎng kàndào nǐ!

I never want to see you again!

If unfortunately things don't work out in the end, here's what to say to break up a relationship and/or end a marriage.


Wǒmen fēnshǒu ba。

We should break up.


Wǒmen líhūn ba。

We should get a divorce.

Well, we certainly wish you the best in your relationships! Meanwhile, why not check out some more lessons on Chinese phrases next?

下次见! Xiàcì jiàn!

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