Chinese travel phrases

Don’t leave home without these Chinese travel phrases! How do you ask when the bus leaves or the train arrives? After this free audio lesson you’ll know how to ask 'when' and 'where' in Mandarin Chinese. Want to find out when the museum opens? Looking for a tourist information center? The Rocket Chinese team is here to help!

Listen to the pronunciation, and practice these common questions and Chinese words aloud. We’ve made it real easy to follow and you'll never have an excuse to be late or lost in a Chinese-speaking country.

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Bówùguǎn jǐdiǎn kāimén?

When does the museum open?


Bówùguǎn jǐdiǎn guānmén?

When does the museum close?


Chāoshì jǐdiǎn kāimén?

When does the supermarket open?


Yàodiàn jǐdiǎn kāimén?

When does the pharmacy open?


Gōnggòng qìchē jǐdiǎn chūfā?

When does the bus leave?


Huǒchē jǐdiǎn chūfā?

When does the train leave?


Hángbān jǐdiǎn qǐfēi?

When does the flight depart?


Gōnggòng qìchē jǐdiǎn dào?

When does the bus arrive?


Huǒchē jǐdiǎn dào?

When does the train arrive?


Hángbān jǐdiǎn dào?

When does the flight arrive?


Wǒmen jǐdiǎn tíng?

When do we stop?


Wǒmen jǐdiǎn xiūxi?

When do we have a break?


Diànyǐng jǐdiǎn kāishǐ?

When does the movie start?


Xì jǐdiǎn kāishǐ?

When does the theatrical play start?

One of the first questions you might want to ask when arriving in an unfamiliar city could be...


Lǚyóu xìnxītái zài nǎ'er?

Where can I find the tourist information desk?

Traffic signs in China

Some smaller cities in China don’t have tourist information centers. You might have to rely on asking the locals. Here are some useful questions you might need…


Bówùguǎn zàinǎr?

Where is the museum?


Yìshù zhǎnlǎn zàinǎr?

Where is the art exhibition?


Wùpǐn yíshī bàngōngshì zàinǎr?

Where is the office for lost property?


Huǒchēzhàn zàinǎr?

Where is the train station?


Gōnggòng qìchē zhàn zàinǎr?

Where is the bus stop?


Yīyuàn zàinǎr?

Where is the hospital?


Nǎr yǒu yīshēng?

Where can I find a doctor?


Gōnggòng xǐshǒujiān zàinǎr?

Where are the public restrooms?


Nǎr yǒu yínháng?

Where can I find a bank?

Credit cards are not as widely accepted in China as they are in England or America for example, so you might have to exchange some money.


Wǒ kěyǐ zàinǎr duìhuàn wàibì?

Where can I exchange foreign money?


Wǒ kěyǐ zàinǎr zhǎodào wàibì duìhuàn tái?

Where can I find a foreign money exchange counter?

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