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Any new or active users?


Looking at all the last posts I can see that the sign language part of the site was between 2008 and 2010. Not that I really care, but it does make me realize that not too many people are interested in this. I personally love learning ASL compared to other languages because if I never have the ability to get out of the United States then I'd probably never make any real use of those other languages. Plus being that I work with the public, Its more of a treat to help the hearing impared than to help the uptight, feel like they are deserving type of customers that can hear and work just fine but choose not to.


My sister is interested in learning ASL, so I recommended this program to her, so she'd be a new user. Hopefully, she will be on here by the end of the week. :)


I'm new - just starting, Looking for people to go through the course with and keep one another active - so that we actually learn it! Let me know, want to start a schedule to follow with others and keep tabs on one another and help each other out with resources and such. Magee


Hey Magee, I'm new too!! Maybe we could help eachother out. I need someone to keep me on track and Its always fun to learn something with other people and being able to help them out too. Hopefull you aren't too far ahead of me. :) Just let me know.


I'm new as well. I've been wanting to learn ASL for years, finally getting serious about it! I think it is an awesome language. I guess my main motivation is work (I work at a public job where we occasionally have deaf patrons). But it is way more than that --- there's just something intriguing about a non-verbal language.


I'm new as well! I think learning any language is so interesting and I'd love to meet others who are new to this just like I am :)


Hey Guys, when you have exhausted the resources here I highly recommend you visit it's an excellent source for Sign tips and it can take you much further than the scope of this course. Hope you enjoy the course I just finished it today so I don't expect to be on again soon. ~Lydia

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