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Best Amount of Time Every Day?


When you're first learning, as I am, is there a best amount of time to spend every day? I, of course, would like to learn quickly and have no idea really how much time it does take to learn proficiently. Thanks! Leva


Hi Leva, I'd recommend to spend an hour every day . I hope that helps :)


On average how quickly could i learn with about an hour or so aday?


Hi Jessica F, We usually say that it takes about 3-4 months to get through the whole course. Of course, it's up to you how fast you want to go, but I would say that's a reasonable target when spending an hour a day. Hope this helps! :) Jake


Be sure to practice with a friend. THAT IS A KEY TO IT ALL. Best choice would be a Deaf but a hearie learning also is good.


guess not about they time u spend per day , is about keep learning everyday

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