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Is there anyone out there that has completed the premium plus or platinum? Do you now think you are fluent or how close are you to fluent?

Ava Dawn

I just started the Platinum Plus. If there are 5 levels of beginners, 5 levels of elementary, 5 levels of intermediate and 5 levels of advance, I would probably place myself in the second level of beginners. I am excited though. I can't wait to keep progressing. I am learning the past imperfect and the preterite. I could speak basic conversations with my bilingual Spanish friends.


I began Rocket Spanish nearly a year ago. I have completed the Premium level and am now working through the first section of Premium Plus. I estimate that I study 1 to 2 hours a day every day in RS and several other programs, plus I think about how I would say things in Spanish as I go about the other aspects of my life, I listen to Spanish language music and TV. I consider myself a serious student of the Spanish language and I am committed to becoming fluent. When I started I hoped that would happen in a year or so. I now realize that this is a much longer term project that will take several more years (or moving to a remote South American village where no English is spoken.) In a couple of places I have read or heard the comparison of learning a second language as being like a child learning his or her native language. You gradually learn new words and how to organize those words into coherent sentences by being exposed to them in your environment. I think that is a very apt comparison and I judge myself to be approximately 3 1/2 years old at this point. I can express simple ideas using the limited vocabulary and grammar that I have learned. Has anyone seen my blankie???


Dan, Bien dicho. ¿Alguien ha visto mi cobija? ¡Chistoso! Saludos, Ricardo

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