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Forum Rocket Sign Language American Sign Language I cant find the place where i can download my lessons

I cant find the place where i can download my lessons


I cannot find where im supposed to be able to download the ASL lessons and games. Can somebody help me find it? :?


Hi there, please go to to login to the members area using your user name and password. If you can't remember you details please contact our support team by using the contact form. That way we don't have to publish your private login details on the forum. Please let me know if you have any further questions. All the best for your Sign Language learning.


so when we login and the next page is where we learn asl ?or course ? have not seen anything to be downloaded !


Hi there, we apologize for the confusion caused. The "MegaGames software" is located in the lesson 1.0 of Rocket Sign Languages members area. Simply click on it to access it. In order to download the MegaGames, you will need to click on the link specified. I hope this helps :)


I downloaded the MegaGames. I want to download each of my lessons or course, as you say, is that possible or am I only able to download the MegaGame? Thanks


Vicki i download the videos by right clicking on the video and then selecting "save video as" not sure what type of browser you are using but you should find something similar to the save video as when you right click on the video no matter what browser you use as for the written content you on the top right of the page under the gray bar there are 3 icons a man with a language bubble a printer and a piece of paper ..... is you click on the one that looks like a printer (below it says print page) you can either print the page for a hard copy or you can use your computers copy short cuts ("Ctrl" "C" press both Ctrl and C at the same time or i think if you're on a mac it's "command" and "C". and then past it to you word processor. Not sure how tech savy you are but if you're pretty good the you can use the print screen key if you're on a pc PrtSc and that will copy the screen as you see it then paste it into something a program like paint all windows programs come with it and you'll have a visual of exactly what your screen looks like you can then print it if you want a hard copy. not sure what the mac equivalent is. Hope this helped some!


how to download my interactive audio lesson?can you pls help me?please

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