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Left handed signer!


Hi, I'm left handed. I have no problem looking at the video and imitating what I see w/ my left hand, is that okay? Also, when I view the video, it's like looking in a mirror, are the signs actually reversed? What I mean is the difference between the words "hope" and "apple" When I view it, do I pretend like I'm NOT facing the screen and facing away and imitate that way? This course if FUN and SUPER DUPER EASY!! You don't even have to think hardly. It's just so good and well put together. I love the Rocket stuff!!


Yooo Hoooo, anyone here???????????????????


Hi there, it's nice to hear that you enjoy the course and make progress with your Sign Language learning. In regards to being left handed: It is important that you feel comfortable when signing, so if you prefer to use your left hand as the dominant or strong hand than you should do the same when signing. You can use your left hand for the alphabet and many other signs that only require one hand. When you view the videos just pretend that you are in Jake's position when practicing the signs. All the best :D

Hey Esoterica, I too am a lefty, and seeing as it my dominate hand I’m pretty sure that’s how I’d like to sign. Were you able to find out anything else on the subject? Is it a faux pas to do ASL this way? I’m a newbie and want to get started on the right foot, or should I say hand! Thanks for the help, Kevin.


Hi there, it is absolutely fine to sign with your left hand or your right hand. It's not considered a faux pas. All the best for your signing. :D


interesting question.

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