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My Dictionary


The preface before going into My Dictionary claims to have over 2,400 words, yet I can't even seem to find the word "Thursday". Is there another page that has access to more words? Because there are clearly not 2,400 on that page.


actually, I'm not quite sure how many words there really are, I just thought Thursday would've been a typical word that would be in a dictionary


you'd think that it would have Thursday but it doesn't. maybe search Google?


Sign it the same way as the other days of the week but you have two choices with an "H" hand shape. Or while moving the hand, make a T then an H. A friend of mine, when he didn't want others to "know" what he was saying, he would use a "K" hand shape.


I learnt Thursday from the dictionary. sometimes the typing cant find it but you can check it when you write T. you will find it. It happened to me few times

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