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When I did the Rocket Italian Premium, it would show when I had taken a test. Now I am doing all the tests for the audio courses, but I can't find anywhere where it shows that I did take them. Where can I find that? Thanks


Ciao Emi, I apologize for the delay in my reply. I have forwarded your message to our Rocket Italian Development Team and we'll get to you very soon. Buona giornata Ciao


Hi Emi, Our apologies for the late reply. Are you referring to the old Course History tab in My Account? Or the ability to mark lessons as complete? With the new version of the members area, we have upgraded the way you track your progress. Previously, you would tick the lessons to mark them as complete but with the new system, you have the option of marking the lessons with ratings to see how well you know the lesson instead. If you want to replicate the "mark lessons as complete" function, you can simply go into the lesson itself and rate it as "It's Easy" by clicking on the MY LEVEL icon. You can do this to keep track of your lessons if you don't want to rate your lessons on how well you know them. Please look out for the TOUR icons at the top of the lessons if you aren't sure how to use any features. Please let us know if I have not understood your question correctly. All the best! - The Rocket Languages team

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