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where are the crosswords?!?


I have looked and searched for the crosswords for a while now. Someone said it was under the games tab. But there is no games tab on rocket asl. I was realy hopeing that rocket asl had crosswords.

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Catherine,

You should be able to access the Crosswords and the Dictionary option from the Games tab on your account; it is located here:

If you cannot see them, please send us an email at [email protected] and we could review the account a little deeper.

Best Regards!


I also don't have it too. I only have two sign language lessons and video lesson. 


Hi Asma, 

Our apologies for any inconvenience caused - the Games tab should be added back to your members area soon!


Mine give me error codes like access denied for puzzlemaster and the dictionary just loads and loads and does nothing. 

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