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Forum Rocket Sign Language American Sign Language Why can't I get the media device needed to use my cd

Why can't I get the media device needed to use my cd


I run windows 7 and usually search with Firefox...i get a message from Adobe that the media device is somehow incompatible with my system.


Hi there, thank you for your post on the Rocket Sign Language Forum. We apologize for the trouble you have had. I passed the issue to our technical support and it seems that everything is working properly. Can you please try again and let me know if you continue to have problems? In particular, please send us: -what exact error you receive -if the error appears in the page or in a pop-up. If you have problems with the video files, I'd suggest to check if another video is working (example: youtube). In any case I'd recommend to use the last version of Firefox or QuickTime to access the member area. Again please let us know if you need other help. All the best for you Sign Language learning! :)


I wonder if I can help turning the tide in French rather than English and to be writing in Spanish Thank you.


Hi Alisa I'm afraid I'm not too sure what you need help with - are you looking for French or Spanish courses? If so, please check out our website here: You can use the Help & Support link at the top of the page to contact our support team if you have any questions. All the best!


If you are using a new computer instead of an old dinosaur You need an optical drive!

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