Greetings use to Copt


Hi everybody, Can someone tell me the correct way to say "Kuwayyisa il 7amdulillah. Shukran." to a Copt? Thanks.


Ahlan Sergey, You can use "kuwayyisa il 7amdulilrab shukran". I hope this helps! - Amira


Asslam Alaikum Kaifa haluki ??? i am watching video and i have collected word but when ever i intouch with local pep they are not following grammer at the time of speaking so to hard some time to understand, please sujjest me how should i have to start.


The easiest way to greet Egyptian Christians is to use the normal Egyptian hello- 'ahlan wa sahlan'. The Copts sometimes also use elhamdlilah and inshallah but often avoid elsalam alikum as it is an Islamic greeting.

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