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Are there plans to release Arabic Level II and III as well? 

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Hi Brian,

For the time being, we do not have plans to release a new level for the course; however, if there were plans to do it in the future, rest assure we would let our customers know.



Hi Folks:

Has there been any development on further levels?  I'm not sure what demand there is, but I would sure appreciate it...



Hello Johnnyo,
Thank you for your interest and encouragement. Still no plans but we are currently working on further developing our current content.
We will sure let you and all our customers know whenever we do!

Best Regards


I vote for high levels soon also.  I sure hope so....


Thank you for your interest Khaduj. Will sure let you know!


Arabic Level II would be more than welcome! You're the only quality conversational arabic course around and shoud definitely develop at least a lower-intermediate or intermediate level! 


Thank you for your interest paolomutri . Will sure let you know when we start working on this :)
Best regards


hey everyone
i hope  new levels come soon as well.

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