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Arabic support group :)


Wow, learning Arabic is tough...I've been plugging away at it for about 6 months now and at times I feel like I'm making hardly any progress at all. I'm still waiting for the big aha moment where it all starts to make sense. Until that time, I think that we all need a little "pat on the back", a "keep at it, you'll get there", "you're doing great". So everyone whose trying to learn're doing awesome, keep up the great work!!! Ok, now I'm going back to my lessons feeling better now :)


it is so nice of you to encourage everyone to keep learning. Good luck for you all


Keep going no matter what. I am in my sixth year of studying fuS7a and just beginning with the Egyptian Arabic. When I feel frustrated or/and stuck, I switch to songs and games and talking with my Arabic friends....this gets me through the tough times. Whatever you do, don't quit unless you are definitely done for good. It is really not at all productive to drop it for weeks at a time because you have to warm back up to it with considerable frustration and extra time to catch back up.

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