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Egyptian Arabic Course - what is the end result? and what's next?



So i am currently studying Dentistry in Egypt, so studying Egyptian arabic here is great! but I just wanted some feedback


If one completes the course and gets a good handle of the content, what level of Arabic does that mean they would have? I will be dealing directly with patients as of next year, a lot of whom are from the lower class with real street dialect :) , i know it won't be easy, but how helpful will this course be?


Also, generally, what level does that mean I would be able to communicate at?


Finally, after this is all done, is there another level up for Egyptian arabic? or is that it on this site? Thanks



marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi NaveedB3, 


Thank you for your message. 


We compare the courses to CEFR standards so people have a better idea what their level will be after they complete the course; our level 1 would be A1/A2; you can see what that would mean, here.



Kind Regards!



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