egyptian verbs


Does anyone know of a book of egyptian verbs and their conjugations please? I have seen a few of modern standard arabic verb text books but not egyptian. Thanks


Hello I am also interested in verbs but not egyptians as i intend to visit Jordan. Anyway, if anybody knows any available good grammar book or site, please let me know. I am from Romania and no Arabic language book here. Shokran


Ahlan Gerald and Emoke, Your local bookshop should have books on verbs - don't worry too much about it not being Egyptian Arabic. Although the pronunciation may differ the verbs are pretty similar. This site has a good list of verbs further down the page: This site has a more comprehensive list of verbs, although it might be a bit confusing!: Here's one on verb tenses: I hope this helps! - Amira


I want to use the phrase finder but can't find it!


Maybe very late, but i know what you are looking for: “ big fat book of egyptian arabic verbs“ matthew aldrich and “egyptian colloquial arabic verbs + exercise book by same author. Uses both alphabets for Convenience and lots of example sentences


Thanks Alene. Better late than never

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