Finishing a test...


When I am taking the tests, I can always tell when I am done the Quiz. But, how can I figure out when the other tests are finished. They just seem to run on and repeat themselves. They don't come up green to signify I have completed the test. How does the system tell you that you are done with that portion of testing for H, W, K and P. The quiz is the only one I am sure I finished.


Oh, and what does it mean when the test shows the color purple? Green coloration means the test is complete. And gray means it hasn't been done yet....but what does purple signify?


it is about the way you rate it purple for pretty good green for easy which is the best if you are not satisfy with it you can reset it and do it again. good luck


WOW...5328 points in Spanish today! You were serious when you said you were going to pour the gasoline on your study hours! You go, girl!

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