Gulf Arabic vs Egyptian?


Is anyone here using this Arabic in the Gulf region? I just bought the course for Arabic, and need to be working in the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia. Can you please tell me how different the two Arabics are? Im concerned that I bought the wrong course. I will be mostly speaking with people in Saudi, Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar. Thank you Brooke


Hi Brooke, Rocket Arabic teaches Egyptian Arabic. Egyptian Arabic is understood in most Arabic speaking places due to the influence of the Egyptian media. It's the most widely spoken variety of Arabic. However, there are still differences between the Arabic spoken in different countries. You might find that people find it easy to understand you, but you might come across expressions and words that are unfamiliar to you. You might also want to take a look at this thread: We do offer a 60 day guarantee, so you have up to 60 days to test the course to see if it is right for you. Please let me know if you have any further questions! - Amira


I live and work in the UAE and unfortunately do find significant differences between basic phrases in Gulf Arabic. People are kind but I am constantly being corrected.

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