Hey guys


Hi there, how are you getting on with your Arabic learning? How much progress have you made? All the best Amira and Hany


Hi. I've just started using Rocket Arabic but I like the way the audio takes the dialogues apart, explains the parts and then puts it back together. Any chance of some simple games which could help develop reading and writing. I guess it's what most of us find hardest. UKMan


Hi Ukman, I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying your Rocket Arabic course! The material course includes as the MegaArabic Games, a software-based word games which helps you to reinforce your Arabic lessons. In order to access the MegaArabic games, please follow these instructions: 1. When you first login please click on "Your course" 2. When you scroll down you will be able to see blue tabs. 3. Please click on the blue tab called "8. MegaArabic and Extras" 4. You will be able to see "8.1 MagaArabic" 5. Simply click on it to access. Here you will find all the downloading instructions. I hope this helps :)


Hi Amira! I am working hard and studying in a quite intensive manner to grow in knowledge and skills. I want to 'master' Arabic and look forward to full fluency - if that is ever attainable. I'll travel to the Middle East too for study and practice. This course is a good basic foundation. I have several books and courses with which I am continuing my studies. The hardest part for me was the beginning: the alphabet. Once that was mastered, the real study begins. Vocabulary is essential, and listening skills too. In any case, Arabic is a fantastic language to study!


Hi Werner, It's great to see that you are so dedicated to learning! The Arabic alphabet is a tricky one for sure :) All the best for your studies!


I am enjoying this Egyptian Ameeya course very much.  I am currently studying FuS7a, so I can not give this course all my attention, but I am enjoying the combination studies.  I have been watching the Arabic news in fuS7a and also have been watching soap operas and listening to songs in Egyptian Ameeya.  All so exciting.  Your course is the most awesome out there.  Thank you for the great programming at such an affordable price.  I just adore Arabic!

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