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hello everybody. 
I was wondering if there were any videos or tutorial on strock order when writing with a pen.?

when to lift the pen and how to connect the letters...

thank you
marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi SV328, I would recommend checking the Writing lessons from the course, where you can take some of the writing lessons and there are some videos on how to draw the characters. 

Kind Regards 


Thank you for the Info Marieg.
I haven't gotten to the writing lesson yet. looking forward to them.
The thing that was bothering me was:

If I try to writ the letters as I see them on the screen, I'm not sure when to lift the pen and how to connect them.

I saw some handwritten letters in Arabic and the letters don't  look anything like the one on the screen. Are there different technics we need to use when hand-writing? Or is there a special cursive lettering?

marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi SV328, 

In regards to the letters on the screen, I would again recommend checking the Writing section perhaps before taking the other areas like the audio or grammar lessons and see how you feel with it. 

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