Is there rocket arabic premium plus


Is there rocket Arabic level 2 and 3

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Gregory, 

For the time being we just have level one available. 



I hope new levels come soon!


Hi I am teaching English to Arabic children. It is very confusing because there seems to be som many different ways to say the same thing. I am now told that I should learn street Egyptian Arabic.   How does one learn this.  Every time I learn something I am told another way.  Confusing...........

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Lynette, 

I think it would depend on type of Arabic the children speak... Our course focuses on Egyptian Arabic; not so much on slang though, which is what I would think they refer as "street Egyptian Arabic"... You are correct, there are many different variations of Arabic, so you would need to know first which is the type of Arabic you'd need to learn. 


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