Keep Learning Everyone!


I just wanted to make this forum to encourage people who are learning Arabic. :) Keep going! If you are getting discouraged because you aren't learning as fast as you like, or it's confusing etc etc, just remember that you only learn from your mistakes. Also if you are considering dropping this program for another program, I'd suggest that you still keep working with this one, and not give up on it. This is the ONLY language program I've found so far that actually helps me learn the language. I myself have been studying Arabic for almost a year, and looking back over how much I really have learned (even though at the time I felt like I wasn't) I'm amazed. I'm not fluent (yet) but I am definitely able to have conversations with my Egyptian friend quite easily. So just remember that all this hard work WILL pay off, enjoy learning, and believe in yourself :) Ma3a essalama!


Hi Lizz, Thank you for sharing.


Thanks Lizz. Your words are definitely encouraging. I shall continue my studies with enthusiasm and tenacity. I am confident I'll be more fluent in speaking Arabic soon. All the best to you!


Ahlan Lizz, It's great to hear you are enjoying Rocket Arabic! All the best for your studies :)


Amira, I am not getting my points on the past, present and future tenses. It is nice and an incentive to get points and it helps in keeping tract of your learning.


Assallam Aleicom I have been studding Arabic for more then a year now and looking for someone to talk to and practice the language. by skype "moshiko1001" Shukran Moshe


Hello Lizz, I'm happy of what you achieve. being able to start conversation easily in the language u have been learning is joyful thing. keep going and wish u all the best


Knowing friends from Egypt on FaceBook and through visits to Egypt has made ALL the difference in my ability to study on, especially if I get frustrated....I just call my friends on Skype and they laugh with me about it. Egyptians are SO SUPER FRIENDLY at helping us with our Arabic. God bless them!

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