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My Vocab


With this new update, I can't find any of my words i saved in MyVocab. It only list the most recent


I have the same problem.  According to Jason (CEO) the pagination has not been set up yet.  Your list is still there so once they set up the pagination it will appear.

 I hope this helps


I have been noticing that many of the words I did save are not being highlighted in the text.  I like to be able to hover the mouse over the text and see the definition that I saved.  Often a different definition appears if the word is highlighted.


Same problem with me. I can't even find "lavanderia." I know for sure that was in there, which is why I tried to search it. I'm looking forward to when it gets fixed!!


It looks like they lost the definitions I entered for the word.  Now they just show their definition which often includes the entire sentence.  I hope they have not lost all of the vocabulary that I have entered.  I do wish they would fix it and restore the old functionality.


Acordado! It was quite a bit easier to use that function before. I'm okay with everything else, but if only they would fix that....


To quote Robert-C7: "I have been noticing that many of the words I did save are not being highlighted in the text."

This was 5 month ago and still not being fixed. 


I haven't really used the vocab feature myself, but I can understand the frustration of something not working like it should. 

marieg-rocket languages

It seems to be working now; please let us know if you see any issues. 


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